Online vs. In Person Check In

I don’t remember if we had to show our passports or not, it’s been 3 years. Sorry!

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Pretty sure the U.K. tickets are also valid for anyone in the EU (for the moment at least - until/if we leave).

If you’re staying onsite, you’ll just collect your magic bands from the resort front desk. If staying offsite, you’ll need to collect your RFID plastic tickets from Guest Services. You may need to show ID then, but if the U.K. site allows you to book them you’ll be fine with your EU ID.

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Well there is the issue, I am an American that only travels to EU often.

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With online check-in, do you still need to stop by the desk to link your Magic Band with your credit card? I want to use my Band to pay for things throughout the park.

To add to this, on re-reading I’m thinking I misunderstood. You’re not actually Austrian?

Hmmm, in that case I think you’ll need a CC linked to an Austrian address in order to buy from the U.K. (and EU) site. Although they don’t actually send anything out, other than by email, they do ask for your address and say the address for the CC must be for the same address.

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I double posted with your reply!

I think you may be out of luck.

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You add your credit card to MDE via your profile, usually before making ADRs. And you can set your pin on there too I think, but if not then yes you’ll have to do it at the front desk.

In theory, no; that’s supposed to be part of the on-line check in. However, we learned the hard way that it doesn’t always happen. Even though we had provided the CC as provided for in the on-line check-in; our card was not linked. I would check at the desk to confirm.

I am probably out of luck, unless I am brave enough to use my work cc. LOL

OK, I just went onto the U.K. Disney website and “bought” two U.K. tickets.

When I got to the payment page, you enter your billing address, which must be in the EU (they use a drop down menu). And then proceed to the secure payment page.

I don’t know if you can buy them through a 3rd party seller though.

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thank you for looking into it for me.

@Nickysyme indulge me one more question please. Say I have a family member in the UK and they were willing to put my deposit on their CC, the rest I could pay with GC. Now just to find out if I can check-in without a UK passport.

Don’t think you need to show your passport to check-in.

@missoverexcited, @mousematt?

(My mind’s gone blank now, sorry for missing people out lol)!

That might work. Depending what ^^^^ they say, of course.

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I started to say earlier that we didn’t show ID, and then I had a vague memory of handing our passports over. @mousematt has been much more recently than me though. And @Tate was there a couple of months ago.

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I don’t remember showing my passport, but I’m not certain. Sorry.

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Thank you all, I understand why you wouldn’t remember, you weren’t trying to game the system. Now just to be safe, I should have fake passports made, just like in the movies. :wink:

I’ve never had issues with online check in - I get a text with my room number, go straight there, and voila! One time, I didn’t love the room assignment (we were put in a ground floor room at POFQ, and my fiance HATES ground level rooms) so I went to the desk and ask if we could have a higher floor. CM jumped right on the phone, and a few minutes later got us a top-floor room in the far quiet corner of the property. Couldn’t have been happier. Bottom line, never hurts to ask if you want something particular, because in my experience, if they CAN do it, they will.

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Online check-in doesn’t work for me. Disney IT say they can’t solve the problem.

However, the advantage of checking in in person is that you can clarify what kind of room you’ve got and you can request a different one if you’re not happy.

I did this at Pop at Christmas. Despite sending a TP room request fax, the room I was allocated was nothing like what I wanted. The person at the check-in desk changed it to my dream room. Very happy.

Also, you can decline Mousekeeping if you check-in in person.

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You can do both of those things anyway by going to the front desk, whether you’ve checked in online or not.

My point is that not being able to check-in online is not necessarily the huge disaster it appears to be.

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