Online vs. In Person Check In

Opinions on the Online vs In Person check in. Can’t decide which is better to do. May get a better room if we check in in person? Has anyone done both and if so, which is better?



I’m also curious if there is any affect on room.

There’s no effect whatsoever.


I have been upgraded to club level twice. Both times I did online check in. Both times it happened before I arrived at the resort.


We’re five days out and have remote check-in. It seems as though we don’t have to do anything. Is that the case? I go to my MDE dashboard and see, “We can’t wait to see you! We Have Your Check-In Details.” When I go into the details, it appears all info is there. So when we get off the Magic Express bus, are we essentially checked in? We’ll arrive at the hotel at about 2 PM, so I assume we’ll have to wait an hour. We won’t wait, however. If all is in order, we have a TP for the MK (from Wilderness Lodge) and don’t plan on coming back to the hotel until 11 PM or so

So my question is, are we set to go or do we need to take an additional step to check in?

It sounds like you’ve already checked in online. Mine says ‘start check in now’.

If you’ve checked in, you don’t need to do anything. They will text and email your room number and I believe you can see it on MDE too.

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You should get a text or email alert when your room is ready with the room number. Your magic band is your key so no need to go the front desk.

If you arrive early and want an early check-in it doesn’t hurt to let them know you’ve arrived to see if they can get you a room earlier. We arrived at 11 and did this. At 1:30 still no room so I asked and was given a room (slightly off of my request but I was ok with that). Just know that’s the trade-off with early check-in.

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What was your room request when you were upgraded to Club Level?
Were you vague in your request or did you ask for specific room numbers?

I’ll likely be buying a 2 queen nature view when I make reservations next week… would love an upgrade :wink:

I only made one request: highest floor


One more question… when you were you upgraded to a Club Level room, did it come with all the Club Level perks as well? Or did you just get a nice room without the perks?

Thanks for the info. I’ll probably check in online and hope for the room I requested.:crossed_fingers:

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When you say, “…let them know you’ve arrived…”, can one do that via text or on the app, or do you have to stop at the desk?

You have to go to the desk.

so are UK guest able to do online check-in? I know they don’t mail magicbands overseas, but if we already have magic bands can we do online check in?

All the perks at that time. Once I had deluxe dining so I really used the lounge very little. YC greeted us with a special drink and our itinerary all printed out for us. Honestly, I have stayed CL a few times and I don’t think I have ever asked the CMs for anything, but I usually enjoy the food!

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There is a separate line for online check in though which should move faster.

Yes we can do online check in whether you’ve got magic bands or not, you just need to collect them at the front desk.

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Do you have to show UK ID when you collect them? I work for an Austrian company, and spend about 25% of my time in Europe. I was just curious if I could possibly take advantage of the UK package deal. My IP address is always Austrian as we use those servers and the address wouldn’t be a problem.

And they will not text a U.K. number, so even if you do on-line check-in, you still need to visit the front desk to get your room number.

They do email though. And I assume it will show up on MDE, our last trip was before they did that.