On Site Now -Here is the latest outrageous ride hack

On site staying at BLT and we just had a glorious day at MK. We ate tonight at LTT. The guy in the table near us told us that what they did is went into Guest Services and told them " he was uncomfortable " standing in line with COVID out there. They gave a DAS pass which they were then able to use to bypass lines all day.

First of all, overalll there are very low lines. Secondly, I fee. l like this is gaming the system. My two cents worth. WE had a fabulous day!


That’s not gaming the system. That’s disgusting.

If he isn’t comfortable he shouldn’t be there.

And I wish guest services showed him the door


We were at MK today too and had a great day.
This makes me very sad to hear. I feel like no matter the situation there will always be someone who tries to break the rules. It’s very disheartening.
But I saw a lot of genuinely nice people and people who were really trying to enjoy themselves while following the rules today too.


F that


Based on the line I saw on Twitter for guest services, I think that guy’s rationale was seriously flawed. If he was uncomfortable waiting in lines there were other things he could do (like … not be in WDW for a start).


Also, if they were eating at LTT it means they were OK with eating indoors, which has considerably higher risk than standing in line, so their argument makes 0 sense.


By the way, it was super nice walking through the park. Everybody was so courteous. It was great not seeing any line cutters or pushers! Finally, totally embarrassed, but I had to go to guest services too! I lost my wallet. However, 10 minutes after leaving, they found my wallet and returned it to me! These guys are amazing when this stuff happen! Thanks to Cody at Guest Services for being such a rock star!!!


Is this really that much of a help, though. I thought that with DAS, you still had to wait the standby time…but it acts like a VQ in that you show up and then they tell you to return in the same time as the standby wait.

Perhaps they aren’t doing it that way?

I think that’s how it’s supposed to work, but it means they can ride other rides during that wait.


Ah. I see.

Nice look!

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I. Am. Raging.
I use the DAS for my son, and it’s crap like this that ruins it for everyone.
This is unconfirmed, but I have heard reports that DAS users are getting escorted to the ride through the exit bc they usually have to go through the fp lane - which currently doesn’t exist.

What a POS.


Its sad that Disney allowed this. He may have been trying to get around rules but Disney helped him do it.
I’ve seen DAS return and go through the fastpass lane. While there are no FP, the lines are still there.


Yes, that’s cheating. Don’t go if you’re scared.


As someone who uses DAS for legit reasons, this pisses me off. And it makes everyone think that people who use DAS are just trying to cheat in some way. Ugh.


This is akin to people who get a doctor’s note so they can force a landlord with a no pet policy to accept an applicant with an “emotional support pet”. Or ones that slap a “service animal” vest on their untrained pet and parade wherever they want.


I was just shocked when he said it. I am all for DAS customers getting the assistance they need to enjoy the parks. I have a niece who is autistic and the DAS is essential for her. This guy also shared that he was a former realtor for DVC and worked the booth right as you walked into DHS.


Even more disgusting

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If Disney is serious about protecting the health of their guests, they need to crack down on this. Clearly they need a dedicated manager to deal with these types of people and just say no. let them sue, if necessary. If this type of story goes wide, it will destroy Disney’s credibility regarding Covid.

And why do these type of people always brag about it? If I were getting away with something, I’d keep it to myself. The dumbest criminal (and yes, I think doing this is criminal).


DAS is there for a purpose, but when it’s taken advantage of, it’s going to go away (or at least they will change how they enforce it).

What this guy did is theft. Basically, he is stealing other people’s time, because he is making them wait longer than they should have to. I have a real problem with this guy.