Omg fp done for fop 60 days out?

is it possible distribution not available 60 days out on flight of passage ? so mad right now

When are trying for? My window opens tomorrow and I’m starting to nervous about FOP.

We are in same boat. Opens tmro ugh

Oh ok. I thought you had already tried and nothing available. Eases my nerves a little haha. Good luck!

I’m going based on the fast pass finder on this site. for August 18 it is saying there is nothing left. :frowning:

Oh wow just took a look. That’s crazy. Don’t know how long your stay is, but maybe you can try for another day. There seems to be availability into the next week.

I read that when FEE had this issue sometimes it refreshed in the middle of morning ? Can anyone confirm this or is FoP as good as gone 60 days from now. Kinda aggravated

At my FP booking day, within 2-3 minutes after it opened, exactly 60 from our AK day (July 19, so fairly crowded), the only FoP available was for afternoon. Others reported only evening FoP. However, later that day, i was able to modify to 9:30 am FoP. I commented that i think there’s something up with FoP FPs, maybe they’re holding some that aren’t released right off in the morning, like they’re booking FPs from end of day backward or something.

thanks for the reply… thats encouraging. wondering if I will see any changes as the morning comes. weird I was able to snag a CRT ADR for our first night for a back up plan. But we were looking forward to getting off the plane and hitting AK.

Anyone else have these experiences?

This is making me very nervous!

We have two AK days scheduled during the last two weeks of August, but we’re staying off-property so can only book FP at 30 days.

Presumably there’s all kinds of Pandora stuff to look at, if the rides turn out to be a non-starter?

I’m nervous being 60 days out. really hope I wake up and find some available times. worse comes to worse you and us could RD Pandora and deal with the line. Would like to see the full cue once anyway

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Other people who have booked them before, might also release them after changing their plans - happens all the time.

not sure where your staying but I decided to change over to a dis property for just that reason… originally we were in same boat

if there is nothing and I commit to MK for our first night how hard is it to switch if I do see a time released?

Staying at a friend’s house, so no chance of booking a Disney property.

I’d commit to a morning when they don’t have EMH and RD it. All other rides you should be good

I’m all about RD!

Here comes a wall of (speculative) text…

I’ve been seeing this a lot (more than I did last year when FEA opened), and it’s got me wondering if they aren’t maybe holding back on full FP availability for some reason. New rides, especially ones that are a new concept, tend to have a LOT of downtime. FEAhad a ton in its first month or so, and every new ride I ever operated did as well. If they’re planning for a lot of downtime (during which times any FPs that come up would then be valid for the rest of the day, thus potentially mucking up the whole system if they have, say 3 hours of downtime and then all of those with FPs showed up in the same hour) then it makes sense that they would limit the number of FPs that are issued as a way of helping achieve a more even affect on standby lines.

Another thing in play is that new rides often don’t run at full expected capacity (that is, the number of riders they expect to serve per day, divided by hour) for awhile after opening, and sometimes they never actually reach the full expected capacity due to to some little hitch that nobody foresaw. It’s highly likely that capacity is the main determiner of how many FPs to issue per hour, so if they aren’t yet running at full capacity then they would be issuing fewer FPs.

In either case they know that they can’t take them back once they’re given, so they would probably only issue enough to meet the current capacity, even if they anticipate it going up by August or whenever. If that’s the case then when it goes up (either because they’ve wrinkled out any capacity-limiting issues, or because they’ve reached a point where the little mechanical hiccups have slowed down) they may issue more FPs, so keep checking.


The Pandora area is very small but very detailed from what I hear.

I’ve read several posts that said they were near the front of the RD pack and got on FoP in 20-30 min. That’s actually going to be my plan - I want to experience the full queue at least once, but not spend several hours doing so. Of course I’m not likely to get there until 2018, so some of the novelty aspect may have worn off by then…