Old Key West information please

We are travelling to OKW late October for 10 nights from UK and are renting points to stay in a studio( 2 adults 2 very tall kids who both have autism and one with adhd). We couldn’t get near hospitality accommodation so just wondering where people recommend staying. We are not having a car and will need to use the buses and the boat. Also how easy is it to do a grocery delivery or can we take an Uber to nearest supermarket and if so where is it? If anyone has any top Riis I would really appreciate it.

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Welcome to the forum! OKW was the first DVC property that we used our DVC points on and we LOVE it! It’s so calm and peaceful. I’m sure you’ve looked at the maps already to know they have 4 pools, the main one and 3 quiet pools, although the one at Turtle pond has a food as well. They have an internal bus system too so that you can get to the main bldg for food and sundries. I’ve never done a grocery delivery but there are a few grocers w/in 10 mi. of OKW. I’m sure someone will chime in w/ grocery info.

OKW is our home resort- and still my favorite…we like building 55 its quiet and next to one of the quiet pools. We use Target and instacart for grocery delivery…I avoid Walmart delivery as we have had issues with late delivery. Both of my boys have been over 6ft and have shared the 2nd bed more times than not is it ideal no but it absolutely works. The reason we like building 55 is it is a very calm atmosphere. I find that the areas near hospitality house can often be a little to busy.

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Thank you for your reply and sharing information.

I have looked at the map but it just looks a huge resort! We couldn’t get near hospitality accommodation so requested block 62, 63 or 16- so just hoping these will be good for us!

We have chose it cos it has 2 proper beds in the studios where the other resorts appear to have sofa beds.

We also love Disney springs and notice there is a boat to take you there.

Kind regards and thank you once again :sunglasses:


The boat is near the main pool area. I love taking boats when I can too. Enjoy your vacation! 10 days is amazing!

there is a walking path from OKW to SSR path to disney springs


We loved Turtle Pond area, particularly because it was still pretty close to Hospitality House if we wanted to walk over. The bus stop there was close to our building. And the pool with the snack shack was great

We didn’t care for our location last time - South Point Road, building 51 - quite as much. We could hear and see Buena Vista Blvd and we had to drive or bus to the main building.

Next stay in 3 weeks we are going to try out (hopefully) Miller’s Road area and have requested building 17.

We love the resort though. It feels like home ina way the other resorts don’t. Not that the others aren’t nice but they feel like resorts or hotels. This feels like somewhere we could live in real life.

That walking path to SSR and DS is so pleasant. It is about a 20 minute walk and is closed from dusk to dawn. Also at last visit there was signage that you couldn’t actually enter DS from that pathway before 4pm for whatever reason.


We stayed in building #45 and enjoyed it. Very quiet and a relatively short walk to the HH/pool area:


Fabulous, info thank you so much for the map- thus is really useful x

Fabulous, thank you! Sounds a lovely place .

I need a quiet area for my boys cos they both have sensory issues so I will email disney and do a quiet room request through TP.

Thank you for your reply and info what wonderful people are on this forum, so pleased I joined x


Thank you! Great map.

2 things I haven’t seen mentioned is that the 3 60s buildings are the only ones that have elevators. If you have any mobility issues that may be important. Also if you cannot do stairs make sure to request a ground floor or handicap accessible room to ensure a first floor room. We were traveling with a scooter and were originally in a 2nd floor room and they wanted us to park the scooter outside on the first floor exposed to the elements.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful info!

Having only stayed there once, we got a room in the Millers road area. We were 2 steps from the pool and the bus stop, and a 5 minute walk to Hospitality house. I’m sorry I can’t remember what building it was though!!

I’ll be staying there for the first time in July, renting directly from a friend. Her favorite buildings are 23-26, so she is requesting one of those for me. She also told me that only the 60s have elevators.

That sounds perfect, thank you!

We can’t have the close to hospitality because there are none left for our dates so we need the next best thing!

Thank you!

Wow lovely friend!

I’ve heard good reports re those buildings but sadly we can’t go there as they are classed as close to hospitality and that category of villa has sold out for our dates.

Have a wonderful time!

As much as we love the big pool by HH, it’s also nice to be next to one of the quiet pools for a quick swim before bed, and the big pool is usually crowded.
Also, if you get this area, you can get off at the HH bus stop and walk to save time (sometimes our bus stop was the last dropoff, fyi)

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Will definitely try for Millers Road area near a pool as I love the idea of a swim before bed after coming in from the parks.

Thank you for this valued information, really appreciate everyone’s help!

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We stayed in building 63 several years ago. DH - 72 at the time - was having difficulties with his arthritic knees. We asked for and got a ground floor unit because stairs were such a pain. He had no problem walking to the Hospitality House bus stop.

HH is not as far from 63 as it looks on the map. It’s really across the parking lot for the building, across a street and there’s the Hospitality House. Buildings 11 - 14 seemed further away from HH due to the much larger parking lot, which isn’t apparent on the map.

Our unit faced onto the golf course and the entry road into the resort. When we were out on our patio, the buses going over the bridge could be noisy. We didn’t notice road noise at night.

We still think of Key West as one of the quieter, nicer resorts we’ve stayed at.

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