Okay, you ultra planners - show me your snack list!

I know how organized many of you are. I know I’ve seen snack lists that look like spreadsheets OR snack maps which show where to find snacks in the parks. I am getting close to go time and I want to be sure not to miss out on the goodies this year. (Last year I had a misstep involving a rather large custom cake served at our first dinner that everyone liked but did not eat enough of; the rest of the week it was my snack, and I missed out on trying so many great things. But it was a a darn good cake.)

I am mainly looking for sweet snacks but if you have a ready made list that involves sweet and savory, don’t hold back, my friend. TIA!


I may be an OCD planner with regards to ADRS AND fpps, but snacks are one thing I just wing. I know I’m going to have a carrot cake cookie in DHS and a DW in MK, but otherwise it’s whatever looks good wherever I am when I want a snack.


No spreadsheets for me (for anything!), but my favourite snackums are -

Parks -

DHS - carrot cake cookie from Sweet Spells

Epcot - cronut from Refreshment Port, Ice cream brioche sandwich thing from the ice cream place in France, milk chocolate salted caramel from Karamel Kuche in Germany, Baklava cake from Tangierine cafe in Morocco

MK & AK - my faves were the stuffed pretzels, but now that they are gone, I need to seek out new faves!

Water parks - the mini donuts - sold near the entrance - follow your nose :grinning:
Resorts -

Boardwalk bakery - peanut butter, banana, and bacon pie - sounds weird, but tastes great. Can’t really go wrong with any of the desserts at this place

Animal Kingdom lodge - Zebra Domes from the Mara food court.

I’m not into a few of the Classic Disney snacks. I don’t really like Dole Whips (I know, I know :laughing:), but lots of people do - get them from Aloha Isle at MK. Nor do I like cupcakes, but people rave about the butterfinger one from Starring Rolls in DHS. Ditto caramel/candy apples, but the ones in the Main Street confectionary in MK look very pretty and like they would be good if you liked that sort of thing.


DHS - Carrot Cake Cookie + any specialty cupcake from Starting Rolls
MK - Nutella Waffle, Cinnamon Roll from Gaston’s
EP - Salted Caramel from Karamel Kuche in Germany, Anything from the France bakery, an icecream macaroon from France
AK - no idea. I’ll have to look the next trip

In general, I agree with @Ellen1976, I dont care for Dole Whips. And I dont like cronuts (too much oil/greasefor me).


@bswan26 @Ellen1976 @mousemom2 Thanks so much for your suggestions!
I, too, am one that didn’t love the Dole Whip, and I’ve tried it a couple of times. But, we are staying at the Poly, so I’m sure I will try it again. I’m thinking if I try it with rum maybe that will make me love it? :slight_smile:
But a couple of the things I was trying to remember are listed - definitely want to get the carrot cake cookie and give the cronut a try. I didn’t do too bad in Epcot last time around otherwise, did the caramel in Germany and sweets in the bakery in France.


Yes! You just reminded me that I really want to try the Spiky Pineapple drink (which includes dole whip and rum) from the Tiki terrace at the Poly - I’m thinking that may change my mind about Dole Whips :smiley:

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My favorite snack in Epcot is the key lime tart at Sunshine Seasons. I can’t go into The Land pavilion without stopping for one.


Oh sweet Jesus - LET IT GO

Huh? What’s annoying about a snack thread?


There is nothing every annoying about snacks - unless they are raisins. But seriously - planning what SNACK you are going to have on a particular day seems to be just a bit over the edge. BTW I am a Program Manager by trade, type A, if it isn’t a right angle its a wrong angle, toilet paper has to be over not under, all the knives need to be in the same direction in the drawer, no papers on my desk, iron my bedding type of person. So just saying - planning snacks - just a BIT over the edge

That must make me a Type A+ :wink::heart:


Ive never tried that! Definitely on the list now! TY!

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I don’t think it is excessive planning to ask what everyone’s favourite snacks are in each park. If you are planning what park you are going to be in on which day, it follows that you are going to plan to have the snack that you like the sound of in that park on that day. ‘I’m going to DHS on the Tuesday, think I’ll get the carrot cake cookie for breakfast’ - I can’t see anything very wrong or excessive about that.

People read Disney Food Blog etc in the run up to Food and Wine and plan in detail which booths they will visit and what they will order - I can’t see anything very wrong with that either.


I personally love this thread. I look forward to using my snack credits wisely and appreciate everyone’s opinions on here about what snacks they love. I have a running list of things I’d like to try with my family when I’m there later this summer…and plenty of things I didn’t even know about (like Dole whips, admittedly) despite having gone to Disney more times than I can remember.

Type A all the way (only when it comes to planning my Disney vacay)


I may come back to edit (add to my list later) but for now:

MK: Nutella waffle and citrus swirl
HS: Butterfinger Cuocake at Starring rolls (I still to this day miss the flavored soft served ice cream outside of RnR)
EP: as others have said- ice cream in France but I will walk out IG and try Ample Hill next trip if I can Karamell Kuche- start at the left end of the counter and work your way right
AK? I usually just go for meals


Love seeing other folks’ snack plans, I was watching this thread to see what things to put on my list. Last year I went to Epcot armed with a list of a snack and adult beverage in each country. Then as I was strolling along, I looked at my list and went “ah ha, I wanted to have some plum wine in this pavilion”. I’ll see if I can dig up that list but I think it’s stuck forever on my old laptop.


OP here…
Oh, I promise to Let It ALL Go, after I have a couple of the Dole Whip/rum mixtures! :laughing:

But seriously, I asked for help with this for two reasons:

  1. Right now, the major things are under control for this trip, and talking about the snacks is one of those little details that is making me look forward even more to being there and
  2. My little guy is on the spectrum. If I don’t plan ahead, things don’t happen. So, if I want to know where a snack is that will appeal to the whole family, I’d better do some research instead of standing around in the hot sun.

Also…so many people talk about the great snacks…and I like food. Match made in heaven. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions! Feel free to keep them coming!


Please don’t feel like you have to defend your question. It’s a great question, and most people are friendly and helpful here.

I thought of another snack I enjoy - the flavored popcorn sare fun to try. The last time I was at Epcot there was a cart somewhere near the Imagination pavilion. (I think.)


Lol, some trips I plan every single minute. Some trips I “plan” down time. To me- planning and changing those plans ten times is as much fun as the trip. It is my hobby- I embrace my crazy. Thank you for this thread!


Thank you. I asked this question here because I know how open and supportive this board is, and I wouldn’t hesitate to ask it again. And thanks for the popcorn tip, I had forgotten about that, and it would make a great Future World snack - along with my daughter’s favorite Epcot attraction, Club Cool! Like mother, like daughter.

@PrincipalTinker it is so nice to have someone to embrace the crazy with! Planning this trip has been my sanity over the rough times in the last 12 months. It is coming up fast and I’m already worried about what I will do when it’s over and I have nothing to plan!! Probably help plan other people’s trips.