Okay Liners - Weigh in - Need to get a battery charger for iphone

Okay, getting ready to start buying for my trip. Husband has an iphone 5 and we need to get him a battery charger, to keep his phone alive.

On amazon I saw…

It has a lot of positive reviews, but I know I have heard of trent chargers amongst liners. Please chime in with thoughts…

I really liked my trent. I bought one from eBay which was an older model and may invest in the more up to date 2 USB port version which also looks smaller. I use it at home too for emergency charges.

My brother just gave me one like this. I’d have to check of it’s the same brand. But one thing I noticed is that it gets HOT when charging your phone.

I have the little square shaped Trent and love it. I get sooooo many charges off it. It’s great.

Oh crap. Batteries. I knnnnneeeewwww I forgot to pack something!


@MDU want me to pack some?

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AAA and AA please @DarthD. I have multiple devices

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BTW @Jedilogray I have a newtrent and love it. It charges 2 devices at once at least 2x. (Sorry for hijacking)

I have a Trent, and just got my son one for charging his camera while camping. If you go to their site www.NewTrent.com

you can get on their mailing list. They have frequent sales.

They use your normal charging cable, so they work with all phones.

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@MDU no worries about the tangent, I am a liner, I understand, he!! I do it myself sometimes. @Agent_C thanks for the info will sign up soon.

Seems like the trents have love here, keep the opinions coming please.

I figured not only did I need this info, the new forums have yet to have this topic introduced.

I love my newtrent iCarrier.

Oh, I forgot to mention that if you sign up for their email list, you may get emails asking if you want to join their beta testing program. I just tested a case for my Galaxy S5 and could have tested a case for the iPad Air - except I don’t own one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I have a Trent and it has worked great. I just don’t like that you have to carry one more thing around along with a cord. I have been considering trying out a mophie case that has the battery backup built into the case. Does anyone have experience with these?

I bought the iCarrier & iTorch from Amazon in Feb. iTorch is smaller, only 1 charging port & battery doesn’t last as long as iCarrier but it worked fine.

My DH has a PowerGen and he seems to love it. It only has one charging port but he’s the only one that uses it.

I use a charging phone case. I prefer that since I don’t use a bag to store the Trent and cord.

Either are great. I use Anker and have this one and a Slim but avoid the cheap ones from ebay which are unbranded

I have the newer Trent charger with the 2 ports. It is great. Charges relatively quickly. I bought it for our trip but have used it several times when I forgot to plug in my phone at night. I carry it in my purse all the time.


Love my iCarrier http://tinyurl.com/ogv8j88

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Just got a notice about this one from PhotoJojo.


In the last few days i bought a Morphie Powerstation (the separate battery block which you plug into your phone via your phone charging cable). It’s near enough the same size as my iPhone 5S (but a tiny bit thicker). Not impressed with it so far. It didn’t do much of a charge before it was dead. I think it may need a few charges/discharges itself before getting up to full strength.

Still, it should give me enough juice to get through a day (if i leave the hotel with a full charge on both phone and Morphie).