Okay Liners - Weigh in - Need to get a battery charger for iphone

Mophie!!! It’s more expensive than other “lipstick” chargers, but it charges my iPhone 5s fast and full. Can’t make it a day in the parks without it!

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Morphie, sorry couldn’t resist. This was one of my favs.

I have the ANKER pictured. Love it! It holds enough power to charge your phone 1x from completely dead. The other bonus is that its super quick to recharge (the portable charger that is). I cant really attest to how hot it gets when charging your device; I’ve always just thrown it back into my purse once I plugged my phone into it.

Lipstick Taser! Sorry, couldn’t resist @Jedilogray!!

Glad to see you are still handling your topics, @pod4christ, even over in the forum! :wink: :frog:

I love my Mophie case too. Just got back from Disneyland and it worked great. It was great to be able to keep using my phone as usual without a cord and junk hanging off of it. We used my phone for maps, making reservations, wait times, etc… Had no trouble getting through a full day with the regular charge on the phone plus the Mophie. :slight_smile:

@Agent_C, I’ve signed up for beta testing too for Trent. I want to test their products but they want me to share my amazon public profile with them. Did they ask you this? I’m just worried about what exactly I’m sharing and don’t want to compromise any of my personal info or anything like that.

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Basically, it’s your review profile. They just want to see what kind of product reviews you’ve done in the past, if any. It’s already part of you Amazon account, but has no real personal information on it. If you follow their directions on how to find it, you will see exactly what information you would be sharing.

They just asked me (today) to review another product - a clear phone case for my Galaxy S5. We’ll see if I get it.

Jumping in… considering one of the Trent family for my (and mom’s) Androids for an upcoming trip. Can any current Trent owners elaborate on approximately how long it takes to charge? I know we wouldn’t ever have a totally dead phone, just thinking about maybe charging during a meal or something. Also, if it’s just the two of us do you think we would be ok with the iTorch vs iCarrier? Smaller size vs. $10 price difference for the bigger one…

@jeuteuse, my Trent I Carrier is about two years old and I use it at home almost every work day. If I am just eating an hour dinner it will charge about 60-70 %. My Trent has always seemed faster than the plug.

Thanks, @principaltinker that helps!

I am the proud new owner of a Trent I Torch - just delivered today. Replacing my Mophie case, which I really enjoyed but seems to have lost its mojo. (Plus, it will not be compatible when I upgrade my phone, which will be soon.) I liked having the charger be a case for the phone, so it felt like I wasn’t having to carry something extra around. But this Trent seems pretty compact and lightweight.

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I’ve got this one http://www.amazon.com/Veho-VCC-A008-PBP-XT-Portable-5000mAH-Smartphones/dp/B003YNT3TO Velho pebble. It is awesome. Obviously bigger than the sticks you are looking at but I get multiple charges out of it. And I also think once charged the battery on the phone seems to last longer too. Used it on a recent trip to New York and it was brilliant would have had a dead phone most of the time without it.

I caved and got the iCarrier. It was delivered this weekend and I just charged it up today. I think I’m going to test it out tomorrow.

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Plus, @WeHave2GoBack, you never know when you might be in the parks and be asked to give some sort of presentation, for which the laser pointer will come in super handy! It’s happened to me!

Quick question - with the new regulations on electronics on flights, are you allowed to take an external battery pack on a plane? If so, hand luggage or hold luggage?

And if hand luggage, how can i prove it’s actually an external battery pack and works? Will i need to plug it into a phone to prove it charges it?

I had my iCarrier in my purse last Oct and had no trouble at all. I didn’t have to take it out.

I trav all the time with my Trent’s and my phone in my purse. No problems, ever! However, if you happen to walk through the X-ray with a FitBit on, expect a nice pat down.

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No problems here either travelled international and domestic in May with mine.

Anyone have this charger? http://www.amazon.com/6000mAh-Portable-External-Technology-Smartphones/dp/B00EF1OGOG/ref=sr_1_5?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1408469498&sr=1-5&keywords=anker+charger

I want to get DH a charger for his iphone (he is using my old iPhone 4 at the moment, with a pathetic battery life…) but I don’t want him to have the same Trent iTorch as me as a) it would NOT lead to marital harmony and b) I don’t actually like the light/laser pointer feature, and it would drive him crazy!