OK, sell me on CBR

Thinking of an April trip. We started out at the CR and then decided it wasn’t worth it since we are in a new Disney normal. So I booked PoP since we have the convenience of the skyliner. I have a DD5 and DD1 as well with my wife and me. So anyone have ideas on CBR? Request close to Skyliner or Pool Room? Is the theming decent? We have been to Poly, CSR Gran Destino, AofA, PoP and GF. We won’t be in the room too much. My kids are good with parks all day. We will schedule a day or two off for parks for R&R. Just wanted some expert opinions…

Did you take a look at the discounts that came out yesterday? We had rooms booked for CBR, but with the discount YC was going to be about $100 a night more with the discount, so we switched to YC. It’s a splurge, but we can walk to 2 parks.
When I looked, only the pirate rooms were discounted at CBR.


Today the 5 sleeper rooms were discounted. We secured our room for $230 a night at CBR.


I liked CBR. The feel and theme is pure Caribbean. It’s a lovely resort. I stayed in Trinidad right across the water from the Skyliner. That was a plus! I was in the middle of HS and decided to leave. From there to the door of my room was 30 minutes. Never would have happened with buses. Didn’t spend any time at the pool, so can’t help you there. As someone mentioned above - if I could get a sweet deal at YC I would choose it over CBR for the convenience of two parks. But if you’re set on CBR - the Skyliner is a game changer for that resort.

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I Thanks for the info on pricing. It’s not necessarily the value of it for my question on CBR. I just don’t know if it would be a good choice for us or not. I know it is expansive so there might be some walking to get to the Main Hall or e Skyliner. Just wondered if folks really love it. Or if it just a resort that is ok but on the Skyliner now.

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Even without the Skyliner it’s now my favorite moderate. The island theme is pulled off very well. It’s gorgeous. I’m big on what a resorts vibe is like. Coronado for example. I liked the room, nothing wrong with the resort. Absolutely no vibe. CBR on the other hand - calypso music, many of the bell hops and personnel have Caribbean accents. It’s a whole mood. LOL! Skyliner simply knocks it up another notch. Hope that helps.


I just stayed at CBR for the first time ever this past week. ( I normally stay at values).
I found it to be delightful. I booked a moderate room. I was put in Barbados (which I asked for). I’m not sure if its because of the layout of the resort, the lesser amount of rooms, or covid (or a combination of all of these) but it was extremely quiet in our area. Several rooms around us were empty.
The first thing that made me love it was the smell when we walked into Old Port Royal. It made me immediately want a pina colada. The cafeteria had some nicer options than the values, and the little pool bar had great drinks. The main pool looked like a blast, but we didn’t get to use it.
Our walk to the skyliner main hub was about 5-10 minutes tops.
I liked that there was a bus stop right outside our area, however, the buses are questionable due to having multiple stops. I knew this going in and used Uber our MK day.

The only few minus’s for me: again, the bus stops. But once we figured out the order of stops I’ll use this for next time, and go to the first one.
The wifi was horrible, and we got almost no service in our room at times.
The showers are older, the updated showers in POP/ASM are much nicer.

Overall, I enjoyed the stay, and decided to book there again for january.


For our dates, it seemed to be only pirate rooms discounted. Plus, once I could get YC for the discounted price, I was sold.
I loved POFQ for a moderate, no bus loop, but not open at this time.

I really consider CBR my Disney home. It was my first on-property resort. I adore the themeing. I have not been to CSR in years - and the Tower might change things - but the theme was not my style. Stayed at POR and to me the Mansions feel stuffy and the Bayou looks junky. And I am the only person on the planet apparently who does not like New Orleans one iota, so FQ was truly just a place to stay the time I tried it.

So for moderates, CBR is it for me! Even without the death buckets.


Do you remember the order of the bus stops? Where do you recommend to go to be first?

Not sure if the internet lied to me but is said Trinidad. I’m going to ask for north Jamaica because it seems close enough to main building and halfway b/w skyliners and doesn’t seem too far a walk from Trinidad plus I like the building with the courtyard with the outdoor tables.

Trinidad is Pirate rooms only.

I don’t want Trinidad but I read online Trinidad South is the first bus stop. So if you want to try to beat the full bus you need to walk there; though I’m not sure that’s accurate. Looking at the map, I like the southern Aruba or northern Jamaica for being close to the bridge to the central area and halfway b/w the two skyliners as it looks like one has a direct line to DHS and the other a direct line to EPC so you won’t have to switch? I haven’t confirmed this but that’s what the map made me think. Both of Southern Aruba and N. Jamaica seemed not too long a walk to Trinidad either for getting a jump on the other busses for the other parks. But I think Jamaica areas looks nicer than Aruba so I’m requesting that through TPs because Disney Checkin only let you request bottom floor or near a bus stop which I don’t care about. I booked the Standard two queen room with murphy bed so those rooms are only in Aruba and Jamaica according to TP room finder so at the least I’ll be on the skyliner side of the resort.

I think they may have either different routes going or have divided the resort into 2 routes. Martinique is what I have seen most often as the first stop. But it seems like Jamaica or Aruba next to the bridge would be better for skyliner AND ease of walking for busses if you don’t want to stay at your island for bussing.

I also think that if busses are regularly filling at the first stop they will radio for more to hit the other stops.

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That’s good to know! I plan on flying if safe by then so I would prefer to use Disney Transport but I don’t mind walking either if needed to get on the earlier busses.

AGREED. We did a 3 day week day trip, and a second weekend trip this summer, and this is not a time for large budgets. Keep expectations and budgets lower than normal, for the “new normal”

Hard to know what April will be like. A lot could change.

CBR is our normal go-to resort. We are no-kids in our travel group and request Aruba bldg 55/56 and use the Riviera Skyliner station. There is a “quiet” pool, and white sandy beach to relax at sunset. It is an 8 minute walk to the theme pool and dining, but its a gorgeous walk.

We stayed at Pop one a recent covid-era trip. it was good. I will have to say the dining at Everything POP food court was disasterous. But again, a lot could change and improve by your April.


Ooh, now I know what bldg I’m requesting :joy: Just changed AoA to CBR because a Standard room became available for our dates in 3 1/2 weeks. Decided the more direct Skyliner & 2 sinks was worth the upgrade.

First time staying at a Disney Resort. (AP discounted rate) Always stayed off-site at timeshares. We decided to forgo the car rental this time, and see what it’s like on Disney property (knowing this is not the normal experience, minimal perks - we stayed off-site in September)

We’ve had this same dilemma and I’ll pick a moderate every time over a value if it’s an option. The quiet pools alone are worth it so that you can have some swim time after you get back from the parks. CBR has great theming and it’s a beautiful resort. The food court is good too and mobile order is easy and organized. I’ve heard some horror stories from Pop since reopening, I don’t think you can go wrong. We’ve liked Jamaica – I’d go with 44 or 45. Close to skyliner and convenient to the rest of the resort, too.

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I’m 3 nights into a CBR stay and I’m loving this resort. I’ve stayed at POR, All Star Music, and BRV. I was like “I’ll try it” with CBR, but dang it the location is GREAT. Quick hop to either HS or EPCOT via skyliner, short bus ride to AK yesterday morning (we did wait at the bus stop for like 20 minutes for the bus to arrive), and the Skyliner has a Joffrey’s coffee stand if you’re into that sort of thing…which I am. Jamaica section has NOT disappointed!


10 days until I depart for Orlando. Finally got a reservation for standard room at CBR. We started with AoA, then regretted that after seeing Skyliner lines, so changed a few weeks ago to CBR 5th Sleeper when that finally became available. Finally today regular standard room showed up in search (using AP discount). Only my friend and I so we didn’t need the extra bed. I’ll be escaping this…