Oga's Cantina DLR just dropped for Mid-Oct

My phone blew up for my Oct 8-12 trip for Oga’s Cantina at DLR. So for those waiting go, go, go. By the time I got to my computer the latest left for our large party of 9 people was 6:30pm. They are going fast.


Thank you for posting this! I’ve been trying and trying for Oga’s in early November. Tried again after reading your post and have a 6:30 on November 9! That was the last piece. Yay!


Very welcome!

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And me too except I really wanted Carthay Circle inside for dinner and I have lunch at the outdoor lounge. But it’s something I suppose. I’m still trying to get it with my reservations finder.

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We’re doing lunch at the Magic Key Terrace, late dinner at LL, lunch at Carnation, Oga’s, Trader Sams, and breakfast at Storytellers. Plus, I hope, DB7, Pyms, Bengal Barbecue, etc.


For DD I have all the waffle spots
Breakfast 1: Storytellers
Breakfast 2: Goofy’s
Breakfast 3: Carnation (giant waffles)
Breakfast 4: Plaza

Dinner 1: Trader Sams
Dinner 2: Three Broomsticks and HHN specials
Dinner 3: (really want Carthay but now it’s lunch and probably Pyms for dinner)
Dinner 4: Cafe Orleans and post dinner Ogas drinks

Lunch last day will probably be Jolly Holiday.

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I didn’t realize DD is coming with you! Or is this a different trip from solo holiday one?

Yup this is Halloween! We are doing Oogie Boogie this trip with our family and DS’s BFF’s family of five who are first timers for a total of 9 people so super hard to get ADR’s. I’ve had to create a separate account and break us up for Carthay and Carnation and Cafe Orleans. No tables for nine and you can’t call these days. It was super stressful especially with first timers you want everything to go perfect! Lol

Christmas is just me so much less stressful. I’ve actually gone rogue and got a VRBO on a hill with ocean views in Laguna area (my aunt lives in Laguna Niguel so this way I can easily stop by and say hello) for the same price as Paradise Pier and I’m just gonna drive in. I added a day too so I’m coming home Sunday now. :-).

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That’s right! I forgot about the large group trip. I would be stressed with people who don’t know Disney. You want them to love it like you do!

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I’ve been scoping ADRs in advance of our December trip and never see Carthay Circle or Blue Bayou availability - any suggestions on getting these? Is Mouse Dining worth it?

It’s helped me a lot. it has pinged me at weird times and I’ve been successful since getting it but the day I wanted Carthay Circle for I didn’t use it and I didn’t get it. So to me yes.


How do you make reservations for restaurants in DLR? We are going next week. I’m guessing it’s too late to make reservations now? What are the restaurants you need reservations for if you want to guarantee going? Is it just Star Wars? Thanks for your help!

Visit disneyland.disney.go.com and log into MyDisneyland, just as you would for MyDisneyExperience using the same login information. Then, make dining in the same way as you would for WDW. As with WDW you will need a reservation for all TS; in some cases you may be able to join a walk-up list for a TS restaurant but you should not count on that. The process is really the same, just on the opposite coast.

Also: Welcome!

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And don’t worry if you can’t get any reservations. We often just eat at QS at DL. There are a lot of great options.

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Thank you for your help and welcome! I haven’t been to Disney World, so this is all new to me! I found where to make reservations online (thank you!!), but it seems that everything is booked since it’s so close to our visit. That’s no problem though. =) I think my kids were most excited to go to a Star Wars restaurant or Cantina. Do you know if any of the Star Wars places take walk-up reservations? Sorry, that I don’t know what a “TS” restaurant is. I think I need to find an acronym cheat sheet! LOL.

Hi Julianne! Can I ask what “QS” is? Thanks!

TS = table service (full service sit down meal)
QS = quick service (counter service not unlike fast food format)

Docking Bay 7 and Ronto’s Roasters are both counter service so no reservations are necessary. Oga’s Cantina does use a reservation system. I would keep trying for a reservation. You might find something! If not, you can try to join the walk up list.

Yes, you can eat at Docking Bay 7 without a reservation which is Star Wars. There is a quick service Marvel restaurant and a Cars themed too that your kids might enjoy. California Adventure has some great quick services restaurants on the Pacific Wharf and in Paradise Gardens but not kid themed. In Disneyland I like Jolly Holiday Bakery and French Market for quick service. You can do mobile order on your phone so make sure you have the Disneyland app installed on your phone for the quick service restaurants. Youll be fine without table service but try Downtown Disney and hotel restaurants if you really want something full service.

Ps honestly I don’t think Ogas is all it’s cracked up to be. And it doesn’t really have meals; I’ve always hand to stand up and the drinks are weak. You’re not missing much imho.

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