Oga's Cantina DLR just dropped for Mid-Oct

We (party of 6) just returned home from a trip and also didn’t have any advance dining reservations for table service (TS) restaurants. There are plenty of good quick service (QS) spots, including, as others noted, Docking Bay 7 and Ronto Roasters in the Star Wars section if that’s what you’re interested in. We were also able to join the walk-up list for Oga’s Cantina (Star Wars themed drinks of both nonalcoholic and alcoholic variety) in the morning (the walk up wait list does fill up but I don’t know what time of day that typically happens). Most of the QS spots do mobile ordering through the app, so I recommend familiarizing yourself with that process to make your trip smoother. Generally, you pick a time slot for your meal, check in through the app during your return window when you’re in the general vicinity, and then get notified when food is ready, which allows you to just go pick it up. Because immediate time slots may fill up around meal times, a little advance planning to pick desired time slots helps to get meals at the times you want them and avoid waits. For Oga’s Cantina, you can even join a virtual waitlist when you’re in the Galaxy’s Edge area, and they’ll notify you when to return instead of joining the wait list in person. There are a couple spots that don’t do mobile ordering, and app will tell you that too. Good luck!

This is SO helpful!! Thanks for all the great info. I hope you had an AWESOME trip!!