Official May Closing annoucement?

Any guess as to when Disney till officially announce closing for the rest of May? Everyone knows they will be closed…yet them not canceling officially causes delays in what re-planning measures can take place.

I have a May 24 to 31 DVC trip I need to have cancelled. DVC won’t provide credits until cancelled by Disney. Also have atentative July trip planned, FPP dates coming up in less than 3 weeks, dated tickets with Disney won’t change until they officially cancel…need the dates to adjust to anytime by Dec 15 to be able to book FPP…

Trying to be patient here, but also don’t understand why they just can’t to what everyone knows is going to happen so those impacted can know what they have to work with from an adjustment standpoint.

sigh…OK, just needed to vent a little.


What do you mean DVC won’t provide credits? What month/UY did you book?

For your tickets, you might have luck if you call. Someone recently posted about getting their dates adjusted on their AP was even though Disney didn’t technically have to do it yet. The explained they needed the dates fixed now so that they could book FPPs for their hopeful July trip.

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If the past pattern is predictive, they will cancel your stay on Wednesday of this week. This past week they cancelled stays from May 17-23 on Wednesday. So they are going a week at a time each Wednesday. My stay starts the 29th so mine should be cancelled too.

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I don’t think Disney will make an official announcement for May, as they said it was closed indefinitely. I would keep an eye on park hours, which are still up for 5/24.

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They have cancelled up to the 23rd and liners have been reporting their dining and FPs have been cancelled for Memorial Day weekend within the last few days.

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They will be, but told me I had to wait until Disney actually cancels the reservation to get the credit.

Figured I was just getting a little impatient… Jusy want to be able to mentally move on.

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This is a rental not your own points?


I’m in the same boat. Have a split stay w/ rented points for half the week. Hoping Disney cancels soon so I can begin working with Davids.

Has anyone received an email about their reservation being cancelled for May 23-30th? They should be going out today if the pattern holds. Any TAs? @dianelynn?

Nope, not yet

No email for me. And last I checked there are still park hours listed too. :woman_shrugging:

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I haven’t heard anything yet either

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Two weeks ago, it happened on Thursday, not Wednesday, I thought?

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Might have been, but last week it was Wednesday.

" Due to the extended closures, guests with reservations between May 24th, 2020 through May 31st, 2020 are beginning to receive notices from Disney indicating that their trips will be impacted."

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Thank you for the confirmation! This is sad news, but expected, and I’m glad to finally know what to do about my vacation.

Yeah, while it’s nice to have some certainty, still sucks to have you trip cancelled/postponed.

We were supposed to be there in April, made a “lets take advantage of free dining” reservation for June…that looks extremely unlikely to happen. Which we knew when we booked it, but will still be disappointing when it’s cancelled.

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