Off-site hotel stay early Oct. Looking for FP+ help/suggestions


I want to start with a small disclaimer: I know I’m in a tough situation. I made my plans, accommodations, and reservations early in the year, long before the Galaxy’s Edge / EMH announcements. I researched and chose my timing intentionally for lower crowds and reasonable ride availability (LOL) - I promise that I did not intend to be here, but here I am!

I was hoping for guidance re: FP+ reservations for 2 adults staying off-site for the first half of October.

Through earlier planning I got a general sense of priority attractions and basic tips/tricks (use early and modify modify modify). However, with the parks having EMH and the recently-opened Galaxy’s Edge land being relatively new I just don’t expect that strategy will work for an off-siter like myself :frowning:

I live in CA so I have a week’s worth of 345AM alarms to contend with and it would be IMMENSELY helpful to have a reasonable plan.

I suppose I’m just looking for input on a strategy… should I just grab ANY time slots I can find for recommended rides? Should I prioritize early time slots? Should I follow the guides I have previously researched to the best of my ability?

Sorry to be so needy, but the time is coming and I’m getting nervous. I wanted to plan the perfect vacation for my SO and I’m having trouble :confused:

Thank you for your time

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Oh, I understand that 3:45 am alarm, fellow Californian! A few :sleeping: days when we did 180 day ADRS in June because we are off site but still a Disney Good Neighbor resort. We will do FPP in October and have 7 early mornings.

Since you stalk the Forum and lines, I’m sure you know about checking Dibbs and TP in the morning just before 4 am Eastern time.

Try to get as many priority FPP and work to modify later. If that fails, you pray for SDD for AK, Ep, and HS. You will probably have to RD for headliners, if you must have them. If you are going to a park for 2 days, you can divide your priority FPPS. For example, we have 2 days in Epcot.
Day 1: FPPs TT, MS, Nemo
RD Soaring
Tour right side of WS
Day 2: FPP FEA
Tour left side of WS

Similar strategy for MK. But there are so many more FPPs available. AK is one day right now. HS has thrown us for a loop like you. Not sure what we will do yet. Maybe Day 1 FPPs for TT, Star Tours, and Cars. RD SDD (hoping not to get trampled) and TSM. We do have a Ogo reservation. That will get us into GE. We have an extra day that we aren’t sure about yet.

While we do have EMH, we don’t have park hoppers. Therefore, we don’t plan on using EMH.

Even at 60 days, I won’t get the headliners. So we plan to rope drop for those.

We will need to manage expectations. We are used to riding attractions multiple times. We have been APs for DLR. and we rode our favorites multiple times our first visit to WDW. But that may not happen this time, our second visit to WDW.

Hope that helps.

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Just wanted to wish you good luck. You’ve got this! It will be a bit harder but you’ve got all the basics ready. You’ve got this!!!

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Thank you so much for your thoughtful and detailed response! This is mostly in line with what I was thinking (and fearing :wink:). I wanted to ask a few follow-ups, though…

I am not sure exactly what this means… I know I’m supposed to go on the Disney site 30 days before (each day) and select my fastpasses - but I’m not even really sure what I’m doing there…

  1. Is it possible to browse the selection of FP+s for various parks before choosing? Specifically - can I view each park’s FP+s before selecting which FP+s I want to get for that day? I have a few days where 2 different parks are being considered and this would be helpful…

  2. I have heard reference about Same day FP+ drops, and I’ve seen a thread in the forum, but I’m not exactly sure how to use the information it provides…

  3. I hope this isn’t a stupid question Is there a non-Disney site where I can view the CURRENT fastpass situation? Which are currently available, what times, etc? As it stands I have literally no idea about availability or what to expect…

Thank you so much!

The Dibb gives real time for the hard to gets only.

The TP site has a fuller list but it’s usually only current as of early morning.


for the love of me I wish I understood how to read the DIBB charts. I love the DIBB, but I can’t make that chart make sense to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel very silly for not knowing this info, but you have literally transformed my planning and reduced my stress an IMMEASURABLE amount.


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GOOD now explain it to me!!

My first park day is on 11/12. It looks like i have zero chance of FOP?

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Odds are slim to none that you will get FOP, SDD, or 7DMT. Just have to wait in line or hope for same day FP drop. I’m in similar scenario, going in three weeks. In July I did manage to get a Same Day for FOP. I have yet to go on SDD. Will try for a Same Day this upcoming trip, or wait in line at end of day. As such, I’ve booked all my FP before noon, so I can get another Tier 1.

I’m in MT and just set my alarm for 4:59 am :joy: I’ll be doing the early wake ups again for a January trip - on a week that I’m off work and don’t have to get up early :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. (I have yet to stay on-site due to having a non-DVC timeshare)

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If you are literally asking about how to interpret the graphs then my understanding is…

The information is separated by park and then by ride

The charts you see for each ride correspond to the next 90 days of ride operation

The key is located below each chart group
RED = unavailable (no FPs left for this ride on this date)
PURPLE = available for a party of 2
GREEN = available for a party of 4
YELLOW = refurbishment/closure
the circles indicate 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days respectively (the colors are shown in the key)

To use the info -

  1. Determine which day you are looking for
  2. Check the relevant attractions on the date in question
  3. Use that information to make your plan (eg - 7DMT is unavailable, so I’ll get ___ instead)
  4. Check just before before your 30 FP+ appointment to verify your plan (something may have gotten filled)
  5. Try to implement your FP+ selection plan

If you question is how they get the data or how they choose which attractions to show I don’t know other than it claims that non-listed items should be available without issue.

Also - I literally JUST learned about this so I could be wrong

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Just look for the key for 30 days. Hard to explain on here. M is morning FPP, A afternoon and E evening only.

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So FPP for FOP is only available for club level?

At this time only club level can reserve (it’s <90 days)

Looking at the graph it appears that it is selling out at 60 days - which would be on-site guests.

It’s not limited to a certain demographic, it’s selling out at the first available moment. Think of a concert selling out in 3 minutes or whatever - this is the same idea.

If you are staying on-site you MIGHT have a chance at your 60 days, but remember that people can book for their whole trip if they’re staying on site. So, for example, you can book 70 days out if you’re staying for 10 days on site (60 days from trip + 10 day trip length).

None of this applies to off-siters like myself

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@jefflypuff (Congrats!) has come up to speed lightening speed with the Dibbs chart! It took me a few days to understand all the colors and I’m not color blind!

The Dibbs chart is updated everyday for all attractions that get all of their FPPs reserved more than a day in advance. I presume you are on the 30 or 60 day reservation path. Otherwise, you would already be reserved for your 11/12 first day.

My first day is 12/15. I will have to do my FPP reservation everyday for 7 days at 60 days, since I’m offsite but still at a resort with Disney perks. My first day to reserve FPP is 10/17. My 60 day availability for 10/17 won’t show up on Dibbs until a bit before 4 AM Eastern time on 10/17. But by studying the Dibbs calendars for months now, I know that I am most likely unlikely to get FPP at 60 days for FOP, SDD, and 7DMT. But Navi should be available to me for a morning FPP. I’m planning to grab the Navi and RD Avatar. For HS, I will get FPP at 60 days for TT and RD SDD, followed by TSM. And all the top attractions are most likely to be wide open at Epcot for my 60 day. These data points inform my decision for FPP. Does that make sense?

You don’t have to be Club Level to get FPP for FOP. If you are staying on site, you could get a FPP for FOP beginning at 62 days.

Then, I will be praying for SDDs to get on the headliners more than once because they were not there in 2012, when we were last at WDW,


So you know that the current SDD are here: Current same day FP drops. I don’t have any experience using SDD but in theory, Disney drops FPPs the same day. Those are available to reserve for whoever can grab them.

I have anytime tickets and I will try to see if I can grab them ahead of my visit.

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No - the 60 day mark is Oct 28 but there is green (afternoon availability on 10/29 so it’s actually available at 60+1.

I think I am seeing the light!!! Thank you.

We had went to see Spiderman the day we were flying home, and while in the movie I checked for FOP FP at 11:01 am…and got a 1:30 pm FP so we went to AK for a couple of hours before going to the airport. So it does work. I’m hoping I’ll be able to swap a ToT FP on the 22nd for SDD at 9:31am. Otherwise, i have it so we can use all our FP by noon to try again 12:01.

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Sorry to keep bumping this thread, but I have continued researching and am in need of further advice…

I see that there are “After Hours” at the Animal Kingdom park on one of the days I’ll be there. From what I’m reading this would all but guarantee our being able to ride the “top” rides in this park (probably more than once).

It’s fairly expensive, but being that I’m such a strange position I’m at least considering it.

Does anyone have any input on using the “After Hours” in Animal Kingdom? I’m concerned about “finishing” AK in one day, and I figure this would make that a guarantee. However, unlike HS and Epcot I haven’t seen anyone mention giving AK 2 days…

All input is appreciated :slight_smile:

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@terp05 did the DAH at AK just this week, I know @mousematt has done it too. I’m sure they will have some useful info.

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