October/November 2015 Memory Maker Share

I’ll be at Disney October 24th and 25th. I’m looking for 5-7 people to do a share with. I’ve organized shares in the past. I already have a dummy account set up from past shares. Once we have enough people, we split the cost equally, and you would paypal me. Once everyone has done that, I would give you the user name and password for MDE. You would then invite yourself to the share. If your interested, please post.

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I’m definitely interested and already messaged you with my dates. Thanks.

Got your message. I’ll get back to you once we have enough people. Your dates will work just fine.

Thank you for taking the time to set this up.

Hi, Rasav. I’d be interested in joining the share. However, my dates are the 18th-24th October. Please let me know if that’s within your timeframe.


I will be there 11/10 to 11/14. I will like for that.

Ok, i’ll add you to the list

O.K. will do.

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O.K. Everyone, I think we have enough people. If you could PM me with the first and last name on your Disney account along with your email please. I’ll send you an invitation to the share, then you just need to click and accept. Once we have everyone, I’ll then send out a paypal invoice along with the user name and password to the account. Thank you! .

Sent. Thanks

Are you still open to more people? Not sure how many you have yet. We are there 10/29-11/7.

We are going on the same dates Do you have your park touring plan, would you be able to share it?

We ate staying at Beach Club. On Tuesday night MNSSHP. It is me and hubby. We are driving to Florida from Pa. I paid for the memory photos. I haven’t used it before.

I will be in Epcot Tuesday morning. I started Tours Plan for that day but Food and Wine is also.

What dates are you going to be there? If it overlaps with mine, I would be happy to share my touring plan!

Thanks We are going Nov. 11-16(would appriciate you are sharing your plan)

We won’t be there on the same days as you but here is our plan:
Oct 30th- MK, Oct 31st- AK, Nov 1st Day off with Hoop Dee Doo Review dinner, Nov 2- Epcot, Nov3- MK, Nov 4-HS, Nov 5- HS/Epcot, Nov 6- MK, Leaving on the 7th with a possible lunch at Downtown Disney first

We will be at Disney from October 25-30th and are interested in doing a memory maker share. Let me know if you are still looking for people. Thanks

We will be there October 18th through 23rd. If anyone else wants to start a new Memory Share please chime in and we can create one.

@rennej63 I have an opening in my group if your interested. Just let me know.

@Razsav if you have another opening, I would want to join. Thanks for setting this up!