OBNurseNH's Secret Star Wars Viewing Thread

I just watched the first two episodes of The Acolyte.I enjoyed them, but I can see where it might not appeal to everyone. There is action. The lead character is female. Lots of hand-to-hand fighting, no big space battles yet. It might seem a bit low key, but it’s just the first two episodes so far. I’m eager to see how this develops.


I’m going to give it more time. It’s intriguing for sure. They gave characters space to develop so I don’t feel jumbled with names and faces. I think some of the dialogue is clunky and there was far too much exposition in conversation form, but that’s kind of Star Wars for you I suppose (said affectionately).

I spent an entire scene trying to figure out where I knew an actor from, and realized it was Jason from The Good Place.


I’m not the SW fan of the family but I quite enjoyed it.

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I only had a chance to watch the first half of the first episode the other night, but as usual, production values for a TV SERIES these days blow me away.

So far looks cool, opening sequence was pretty great and the lead character design is awesome.

If I were going to complain with my short viewing so far, at the point I stopped I was getting Star Wars meets Parent Trap vibes and I hope the story doesn’t get too cliched with the old who’s who thing. Also, with the speed they churn out these SW shows now I feel like the dialog needs to be better, but I suspect they don’t give the writers enough time. I’ve always been a huge Star Trek fan too and find the character dialog and interaction is almost always a level or three higher than they seem to shoot for in the SW universe. Still, I love both. :slight_smile:


I was REALLY hoping to try to go to the Tanglewood John William’s Film Night this year, but it overlaps with our Orlando trip. Although I just noticed it looks like Williams isn’t conducting now due to a health issue. :frowning:

This Williams, Yo-Yo-Ma, Dudamel concert next spring in LA might be cool - I’m keeping an eye on the listing to see what they release as the program. I haven’t been out to LA (or DisneyLand) since the early 90s, might have to try booking a points trip out there!


Oh, there are some things to complain about.

I was surprised at the very short screen time of Carrie-Ann Moss. Shucks!

This series is so isolated in time (100 years before Phantom Menace, 100 years after most of the High Republic books). Makes it a bit tougher to connect to it.

The only character from the books who is in the series is Vernestra Rwoh, age 116. She’d been mainly in the YA and younger books as a teen (just mentions in the adult ones), until this next week when the latest adult book is released, and she’s one of the main characters in it. Coincidence? I think not. :face_with_raised_eyebrow.

I really enjoy reading others’ comments about this show. You noticed things I didn’t. Thanks!


I was thinking this too. But 100% gaurentee there will be flash backs to whatever set this in motion so we will see more her!


I just watched tonight’s show of The Acolyte, episode 3. Not much action, mostly backstory, but very worthy.


You were so right!

Thank you for that hopeful suggestion.

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