Now, for a limited time: A bold, fresh new attitude!

You know, I read a comment in another thread regarding obtaining FPPs that got me thinking.

Everyone is so focused on getting FPPs for the latest and greatest rides, but then I realized…our last trip was in 2016. Way back then (ancient past), there was no FOP. There was no SDD. 7DMT was brand new.

And so, we went to Disney, had a grand time, and after it was over started thinking longingly toward our next Disney trip.

If we enjoyed Disney then, without FOP or SDD, why is it suddenly so urgent to get a FPP for FOP and SDD now? Will suddenly the things I enjoyed about Disney before cease to be enjoyable if I CAN’T get on those rides?


My wife has been kind of saying this to me for a while, but it is sinking in more and more. Disney is a great place to be and have fun even if I never get a single FPP that I want. Huh. Imagine that.


Heretic!! Heretic!! Burn him at the stake!! You MUST have FPP for FoP and SDD or you WILL NOT enjoy your trip - so it is written!!


Clearly, I need to start avoiding stakes.



Totally agree - I think that is one of the stressors behind the RS confusion too. I went in January with my 2 year old niece and because of her age and size it was just simply impossible to do everything - it was actually really refreshing to know that there were rides we just weren’t going to prioritize or worry about unless we had extra time and happened to snag a SDFP.

With all the talk about prices going up, one thing that keeps crossing my mind is the “do or die” approach to WDW. If you are lucky enough to go multiple times, you can save money by not treating every trip like a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’ve had to remind myself about this for our upcoming trip. Since we are going for the 4th of July, this was the time to splurge on a dessert party in MK to avoid crushing crowds, but we cut some signature dining and actually whole park because we know we’ll be back and don’t feel the need to do everything.

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Why would you make me do such a thing? You’re a monster.

Yes. Well. Some have said I look a little like Sully.

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Isn’t he the hero pilot who landed a plane on a river?

I think you’re flattering yourself a little there.

Plus, you’d make a terrible pilot.

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WDW just announced a 25% price increase on all bold, fresh new attitudes





Wow. That must have been one highly inspirational concert.

Usually it looks more like this: image



My wife agrees with your wife and tells me the same thing.

Me … I set my alarm for 5:50 am on ADR day and 6:50 am for FP day … and then later that day bemoan the fact that I didn’t such and such. Of course, whether I get what I want for ADR/FP or not, I still have an amazing WDW trip!


Thank you! I mean, I haven’t been but I’m pretty sure we’ll have fun even if we don’t get on the high demand FPP rides. I might be able to adopt a bit of your bold, fresh new attitude.

Since this might be our only trip the stakes feel higher and I don’t want us to miss too many of the high demand FPP rides but I know we’re not going to do everything. I did just rearrange some of our plans to increase the chance that we’ll get FPP for SDD and 7DMT and to let us line up for SW:GE on opening day. I would definitely be making more relaxed, chiller plans if I knew we’d be going back.

Amen Ryan1. The 1st time we went to WDW many moons ago, we checked into a Days Inn without a reservation, walked from the car in the parking lot to buy tickets at the MK park entrance ticket booth, had no FP, no ADR, no TP, no MB, no MM (but we did have a Kodak instamatic camera!!), no MDE app, OMGoodness … no iPhone :scream: and picked up a paper park map to figure out where & what to do as we walked in. Of all the other more complicated trips we’ve been fortunate enough to make thru the years, it is still that very first trip many moons ago that the kids still talk about every now an then. :family_man_woman_girl_boy:


Bringing up RS here gave me a thought…isn’t it better if RS does not require an FP for everyone? That leaves more FPs on the table for everyone else. I mean, RS numbers are so negligible that I doubt they play into the daily allotment of FPs, so if everyone using RS has to have a FP, there are less to go around.

What do you guys mean by ‘‘RS’’ ?

I assumed Rider Switch/Swap.

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Good attitude. You’ll still have a great time! Not sure how you do with mornings, but RD for SDD was not bad, and it was just me with DD8 and DS6. Should be much easier with older kids, if they get up in the mornings.