Now a queue to even access the website?

This is absolutely out of control

We can’t get them on the phone

Chat is out of service

And now we cannot even access our member page on the website because traffic is too high?

At what point does it become unacceptable enough?

I’m gonna need an email address to which I can send a complaint - anyone got one??


There is a virtual queue for receiving the email address…



Imp mentioned this on another thread. Dues notices are posted annually. This is bullshit

This is who I emailed when I lost it earlier this year:

Wdw Guest communication, WDW Guest Services,


Thank you.

I missed the other thread, sorry! :slight_smile:

No problem, it was just me complaining randomly. the first email is:


The other one is

Once you day DVC they ask the “special” DVC group contact you…(see blur)

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I am sure the forum will yell at me but I also am getting really anxious about two things: 1. Trying to book a reservation right at 8am on those really hard days could be impossible if a queue stops you. 2. Will we need to access the website to access our digital card? How will that work?

I noticed the notifications today tell you they are using the queue now because of dues. It seems like they broke something……


I don’t allow this excuse from them. Dues happen every year. This queue to access the site is new.

It’s - as you said - a bunch of effing bullshit.


Scathing email sent.

This has me downright ANGRY.

LOLZ got an automated response directing me to call one of any number of extensions with my concerns :laughing:


Ha! Under/over on 360 minute wait?




Your going to wind up needed to take a vaction day from work just to make vacation arrangements!


Good news: I hear they print out every email received.
Bad news: the printer is connected directly to the shredder.

email deleting


I ran into this on Friday as well. I eventually did get into the website to set up Auto-Pay. I assume I’m all good now until my credit card expires.

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I still can’t pay. I can get in. I can get to the point where you put in your credit card info, etc. I hit Submit, and it tells me that the amount I’m paying exceeds the amount I owe. Nevermind I’m paying EXACTLY the amount I owe. And when I proceed, it just gives me an error that it can’t process the payment.

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Does it allow you to prepay this early? I didn’t consider trying but I’m wondering if there is language about that.

Not that I can find. It just says it is due by Jan. 15. Not sure why they would have it “billed” to me if I can’t pay it.

You can pay it anytime

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Actually, the whole system is crazy. Looking at the Annual Dues transaction history, for example, on Dec. 16, there were 5 items.

First, an adjustment of “$23.94” which is subtracted and shows the balance to be a negative $23.94.

Then, a charge of $722.88, with a balance of $698.94.

Then an adjustment of “$156.56” which is ADDED and shows the balance to be $855.50.

Then, an adjustment of “$23.94” which is ADDED and shows the balance to be $879.44.

Then, finally, and adjustment of “$23.94” which is SUBTRACTED and shows the balance of $855.50.

Strangely, the “adjustments” all look the same, with no indication of a negative versus positive adjustment in the number, as you would expect…but only figured out by looking at the adjusted total.

ETA: What is further odd? The final balance of $855.50 is wrong. Based on the dues of $7.3782/pt, my total dues should be $879.44.