November 17 flight of passage

Arrived at flight of passage line at 9:15am. We are still in line 2hrs and 15 minutes later, haven’t even made it to the lab yet. line instructions were completely wrong.

Oh so sorry to hear that! Are you bailing?

That link is jamming my browser. I would love to see what you want to post. Can you post the link directly? ( copy and paste)

I would expect to wait that long and longer arriving at 9.15. The line will have been building since 7.30ish. Sorry if you weren’t expecting it.

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Can you open the link? I have only seen 2 hour waits at opening on TP. I am wondering what went wrong ?

I don’t think it was meant to be a link. I think the OP was just saying touring plans .com. (With gaps so this doesn’t turn into a link hopefully).

When we were there in summer, we rode and got off at park opening time. The line was already 2 hours long and there were hundreds of people rushing through the park to join it. I know it’s lower crowds now, but I don’t think it makes a difference when it comes to FOP.


Ok, what are the line instructions? I have never seen a TP that states it will be a short line at that time? If it does it should be fixed?

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I assume that means their plan. Otherwise I have no clue.

I think as TP evaluates the times they will find something threw off the predictions, i looked at yesterdays and it was pretty off.

Am I reading it right that at 9:00am the solid red line was the predicted time?

Would you need to optimize to get the update time?

I’m seeing it as about 35 mins longer wait time than predicted. OP still should have been expecting 150min wait at 9am per this chart.

Red line is observed. Blue solid line is predicted. Blue solid line is just above150mins

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Is the adjusted predictions the time that your plan would update to if you optimized in the park (195)?

150 would be 2 1/2hr prediction?

That’s how I’m reading it. So based on OP’s time stamp they would have gotten on about 20 minutes later

Sorry about FOP line. Hope it doesn’t put too much of negative spin on your day.

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We didn’t bail. It took just over 3hrs to complete the ride, though touring plans on the app said it was a 61 minute wait when we entered the line.

When you look at the app was it listed as 61 minutes expected? It seems as if that would not be aligned with the graphs. That would be very helpful to know and hopefully would help others.

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blue is predicted, red line is actual

a thought, did you optimize the plan again after initially making it? the wait times in the plan are the prediction based on the data on hand when you hit optimize or evaluate. I generally do it as i make changes through planning and then the night before I use the plan. Just thought I’d see if maybe that threw your numbers off.

The times do seem to be way off from predicted…although the lowest predicted time for the day that I can see was 105 minutes, with a couple 95 minute waits at end of day.

Yes, but the red dotted line is the adjusted time throughout the day. If you optimize your TP in the park it would update. The optimized plan would have said 195 minutes at 9?