Not To Miss Attractions

Ok, folks,

Here’s the sad truth. I’m a nerd. A huge, massive, Harry Potter nerd.

I’ve been to IoA twice and US once (read, US after Diagon Alley opened, Hogsmeade twice).

There are actually SEVERAL parts of both parks I’ve never stepped toe in. This trip I’m going with my DH only (he didn’t go with us for the prior two trips). He’s not into HP (although he knows a lot about it because he lives here), but will go for my happiness.

I will do my best not to spend my entire day in The Wizarding World.

So, what is not to miss at both parks outside of WWoHP?

(The only parts I’ve been to myself are Seussland & the part with Posiden’s Fury (because you walk through it) and Jurassic Park, plus whatever parts of US you walk through to get to DA.

I really enjoy the Transformers ride. Im not a fan of the movies, but the ride itself is just fun.


Same. LOL.

Good to know, thanks! :slight_smile:

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In US, RIP Ride Rockit, The Mummy, Men in Black, The Simpsons.

In IOA, Hulk, Spider-Man.


Spiderman is one of the my all-time favorites. I also enjoy the Mummy, Men in Black and the Simpsons.


Hello. Welcome to the club. I am pretty sure I am the President! :rofl:

I also like the Transformers ride, but partially because I am a fan of the franchise in general. Mummy is another of my absolute favorite rides. And I love the Jurassic Park River Adventure. Especially at night.

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LOL, I believe I am a founding member myself.

Is that a splash ride? I don’t like to be wet. LOL.

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Yes you get pretty wet. But it’s the driest of the water rides.

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Honestly, people talk about getting wet, but I can tell you with all honesty that I have been on it about five times and have never gotten more than slightly damp. Maybe I’m just lucky!

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You must be!

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I’m the Treasurer! Or Chancellor of the Wizarding Exchequer, to be more precise.


Damp is too much for me. haha. Thanks for the heads up!

I would like a title. Hm. I’m probably older than both of you. Maybe I could be on the Wizengamot or at least some type of Ministry employee :rofl:


You got it! Decide on one and it’s yours!

(I just looked at your picture and I doubt that you are much older than me, if older at all. I’m 44.)

None of the 3 water rides on IOA are reasonable for my standards of soaking level. Jurassic is the least wet and I am still only willing to do it right before going to the hotel.

+1 on Mummy, it is a great coaster. It is probably my only not-to-miss non-HP attraction on the resort.

I am scared of the big coasters (hulk and RRR), so can’t comment.

I also like Spiderman. Transformers is the same ride as Spiderman with a different skin, so if you like the first, do that as well. Minions (US) is cute, but I don’t think it is worth a long wait. Simpsons (US) is also fun. Kong is OK but not worth the line.

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Spider-Man is amazing but I don’t care if I never do Transformers again. I think being interested in the theme makes a difference. Though sometimes even loving a theme can’t help (looking at you Fast and Furious!).


Not really caring for either theme I slightly prefered Spider-Man. This slight preference was enough for me to return 3 times to Spider-Man and never do Transformers again :laughing:


I’ll have to decide on this title. It is clearly important to every day life. :sweat_smile:

Ok, I’m just 2 years older. LOL.

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0% dampness is my preference. LOL.

I’ll def add The Mummy to the list. I love the campy old Brendan Frasier movies.

I love Spider-Man, no interest in Transformers at all.