Not To Miss Attractions

I’m 36. I’ll just leave it at that. :wink:

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No love for ET? Y’all are wrong for that, just plain wrong.

Have a nice day. :wink:

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Ooh! So close to being right!

Spider-Man is amazing and is a must-do. Correct.

Transformers is the same ride as Spider-Man, but — like the movies — is utterly incomprehensible. Correct.

Fast and Furious is not a terrible ride. The line is terrific for people interested in the movies or in cars in general. The first scene of the ride is embarrassingly awful — fair enough — but the second is quite exciting and worth giving a go.

Here’s my hit list, it skips some attractions that I still think are worth doing, but these are the MUST DOs IMHO. Of course I’m leaving out the Potter stuff cuz you’re an expert already :wink:

-Revenge of the Mummy
-Men in Black
-Horror Make-Up Show (It’s mostly comedy and just a fun show)

-Spider-Man (Similar to Transformers but way better in every way)
-Hulk (If you can do big coasters)
-Popeye (water ride)
-Reign of Kong
-Jurassic Park River Adventure
-Cat in the Hat

Your pitch isnt convincing me. F&F is rubbish but I’m glad you like it. Embarrassing awful isnt much of an endorsement!

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I absolutely love ET, and ride whenever I go.

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Thanks for the suggestions! Most people seem to be on the same page with these :smiley: