Not so sweet mixed Alcoholic Bevs

I try to stay away from from the too-sweet mixed drinks (both because of taste and also I end up with a gout attack the next day!). My favorite drink I have found at WDW is at Nomad Lounge in AK: the Snow Leopard Salvation (Snow Leopard Vodka, Belle de Brillet Pear Liqueur, Mint, and Lime Juice topped with Ginger Beer). I am wondering if there are any other mixed drinks you’ve found that are not so sweet?


How about this one at House of Blues?
Hound Dog Mule: New Amsterdam vodka, watermelon, lime, ginger beer

So, I think I like mules…that vodka/ginger beer mix with lime seems to work for me. I will just keyword on the app.

Good question. Following along.

I prefer non-sweet drinks too. A little juice is fine. I try to stay away from anything that is premixed. Those tend to have some overly sweet components.
The Tempting Tigress at Nomad is great.
The Sour Assistant at Abracadabar
The Tokyo Sunset at the Japan pavilion kiosk
The house margarita at La Cava
The margarita at Thirsty River
Citron at Les Vins

I can go on…


Please, do go on… :cocktail::popcorn:


wish i could help…we are pretty much wine and beer peeps. not a lot of craft beer choices in the world, but i think that is changing

looks to be quite a few craft beers at the festivals

I am liking this thread. :wine_glass:


I liked the mule and sour at Geyser Point


yes, that is why we go then…of course when is there NOT a festival these days :wink:

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Hightower Rocks at Nomad is refreshing and not super sweet.

The bartender at Outer Rim made me a hell of a Negroni!

Moonshine sweet tea is moderately sweet at Homecoming


Elderflower G &T at Rix’s Sport Bar- CSR


Tasting notes please😉.

Where is Outer Rim

Contemporary. Abuts Chef Mickey

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A hint of sweetness but really surprising. Usually the Disney bar menu is pretty consistent. The speciality menu at Rix’s was something I really enjoyed .


Baseline Tap Room has lots of nice craft beers.


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Oh. And the French 75 by Matt at Mizners is top shelf


…has been renamed the “John Revolta.” Appalling.

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