Not much of a trip report

We’re hanging out at the MSP airport. It’s really quiet. DD8 is coloring and there’s no one anywhere near us. So far, best airport experience. I see a few noses but they have been easy to avoid.
If you remember from there covid threads, I was worried about DH. He got his first vaccine shot today. I’m happy to report, he’s doing great so far. In face, he probably feels better than I do. I’ve been so anxious about travel that I haven’t been sleeping. I think I’ll crash tonight though.

I don’t think I’ll do a full live report, but I’ll try to post pictures occasionally.

Up first, tomorrow, is MK. I’m going to try pirates and btmrr before park open. I haven’t seen whether that’s happening, but we’ll give it a shot.


Safe travels!


Hope you have all the fun! Enjoy and send us a pic now and then if you feel like it!


Waiting at DME. They’re sending small shuttles since it’s so late. Still no room assignment. Kids (and parents) are tired. We’ll see if we actually make your drop tomorrow


Looking forward to updates!

Have fun!!

Hope you guys got settled in ok! Excited for your MK day!

Have a great trip!

It’s almost 9 and we’re just enjoying a slow morning.

Trying to redo my mk plans for just this evening. We won’t do everything, but this is worth it



So pretty!

Gorgeous pictures! Are you staying at Canyon Creek or Boulder Ridge? We are staying at WL when it opens in June and I can’t wait!

We’re in Copper Creek. It’s beautiful! My favorite room we’ve stayed in.

Early lunch at geyser point was delicious! Bison burger and shrimp on a string. Not sure which I liked better It’s chilly here today. We were planning to swim but DD scraped her knee and with the weather, maybe we’ll just nap and go to mk earlier than planned


Curious on how the logistics of getting your lunch went. Any wait or confusion? I know @DumboRunner recently mentioned how disorganized the whole process was, and @amvanhoose was wondering about this too.

CC looks beautiful!


We’re on a boat!


So glad it all is working out!

Enjoy the cool temps going to be 90 next week :sweat:

Yeah, I’m appreciating the cool weather, knowing it’ll get hot, soon. We’ve had a fantastic day so far. I’m waiting for the family to ride the teacups. We’ve waited for a few rides, more than I’d prefer. On the other hand, we’ve had some walk on rides, too. Wait times seem all over the place.


At 11am open its simple — first in line. The challenge is once they are open and limited seating is full: what is the system then?!

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A lunch visit was a good choice. There was no one there at 11. We had our choice of tables. Even when we left, it wasn’t that busy.

Up early today for best park and a visit to sacred so spaces is in the works!