Not feeling quite so magical about trip today

I have been making a ton of rookie mistakes planning this trip and some days it just feels too much. Well, I am a rookie, but I am also a planner and planning this trip is taking way too much time and effort. DH, DD3.5 and DD 1.5 and my sister and her husband are taking this 9 day trip at the beginning of December. We had a reservation from Dec 4-9 before we knew my sister and her hubby can join us. We weren’t getting resort booking the way we wanted and so made a reservation from Nov 30-Dec 4 and turned that into a package with 3 day tickets and dining plan. I was (and here my ignorance shows) under the impression that since I can use my tickets till 14 days after first use, I can perhaps make fastpass + reservations for my entire stay since both reservations are linked on MDE. When I went to do the payment for the package today and was talking to the CM, she was quick to point out my mistake. So now I have hardly any chance to secure A&E FPP (DD huge fan) and will miss out the Akershus dining reservation that we had towards the end of our trip since we have 1 day in Epcot and we want to try for FPP for those days.

I guess I don’t have any specific questions but any tips or tricks would be highly appreciated!

We have done several split stays, and have been able to book all FPP reservations the same day, as long as reservations are back to back. The phone CM’s don’t always know what they are talking about :wink:. Don’t stress, it will work! Although, I see you only have 3 days tickets? If that is the case you can only do 3 days worth. I would cancel the package, book a room only through Orbitz to save more money and get your tickets from Undercover tourist and link. Is your second stay a room only reservation?

  1. You may be able to book FPP for whole stay, in spite of what CM says.
  2. Even if you can’t, A&E waits aren’t out of control the way they used to be plan strategically, pee before you get in line, bring some snacks, and you’ll be alright.
  3. Planning a disney trip is a lot like planning a wedding. It costs a lot of money. You want everything to be perfect. But it always goes over budget and something always goes wrong… but at the end of it, you’ll have an amazing time anyway.
  4. Not sure I understand why you’ll be missing out on Akershus? Epcot has some of the easiest FPP to get - we often end up changing them the day before or week before, and there is lots of capacity for the two big headliners, TT and Soarin’. You’ll be alright.

You’re going for a nice long trip at a wonderful time of year. You won’t get to see/do half of the stuff on your should-do list, hopefully you’ll get all the must-do stuff, and you’ll still feel like you went non-stop for 9 days. And you’ll make marvellous memories.

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Thanks for your response! The reservations are back to back. Yes, we do have 3 day base tickets and our plan was to get FPP on Dec 1, 5 and 8 - with the second 2 being during the second part of the Reservation.Yes, the second half is a room only reservation. I checked Orbitz and it will be more money - I got discounted rate for the reservation. I hope the CM was wrong but she put me on hold twice to ask someone else and came back and told me that I will not be able to do FPPs beyond the 4th. I am just bummed that I will not be able to do it 30 days out either. Sounds rather unfair. In case I separate tickets out 2+1 - I will end up paying 150$ extra. Not a fun day for me.
Question: if I was able to someone get out of the package and just had a room only for the first part- will tickets from undercover tourist give me FPP access 60 days out or 30 days when liked to MDE?

Thanks for the encouraging words.Let me response to your points:

  1. I really hope so but she seemed confident and asked “others” who confirmed.

  2. Yes, we have pre-RD ADR at BOG and so I think we will be there to stand on the queue for A&E. It’s just a bummer. We can do it. My sister is awesome and she quickly made a “standby” plan to take her niece to see them.

  3. Tell me about it! I am yet to see the amazing in it but keeping faith.

  4. Our Akershus reservation is on the 8th. now to get any Epcot PFF, we have to move it between 1st and 4th.

Oh well!

The CM is wrong! I have done multiple split stays with my reservations linked and I have always- always been able to book through book stays!

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BOG pre RD is amazing but keep an eye on park hours. When I visited last December MK opened up almost every day at 8:00! Even if it does- the lines for everything should be reasonable!

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Epcot FPP are generally pretty easy to get. Why not make your Epcot day the 8th and get them at either 60 or 30 days out? Keep your Akershus for now.

I still think the CM is wrong. When your window opens at 60 days, it will include all the days you are onsite with both reservations. You can pick any 3 days to make your FPP. It will work! Trust us liners, I guarantee we spend a lot more time making FPP reservations with split stays than the CM’s in the call centers. :wink:. No need to separate tickets, I am just curious if 3 day tickets is enough with so many days in Orlando? Keep your Akershus and make your FPP there like you wanted. There is no reason you have to move you days around. Tickets from Undercover tourist work just like the Disney tickets, in fact they are Disney hard tickets. They link to MDE just like the ones that are in your package, you just manually have to enter the numbers. Easy peasy! I don’t think you need to change anything though, I just don’t like the restrictive parts of packages.

I hope that that’s the case and I can book for the entire duration of the trip!
As for BOG - right now the park is scheduled to open at 9 am. As far as i remember the previous evening has PM EMH and there’s a party that evening. Maybe it won’t be crazy crowded at RD??!

I will keep Akershus for now and see what happens. So from what the CM told me, I can only get FPP between 30th and 4th - and not even 30 days out for the remaining days. Which I feel is so unfair. I am being penalized for buying a package from them. So, if what she said is correct, I have no chances of getting any FPP for the 8th. And 8th is a heavy crowd level day at Epcot due to AM EMH but that’s the only day we got the ADR. So we will need some PPF ideally.

This is not true! Why would she say you can’t book them even at 30 days out?

I trust Liners for sure but I am also really wary of the Disney system and their ridiculous rules etc. I hear you about the restrictiveness of the packages. i am learning so much this time but this is a painful learning process. Taking too much time and energy.

We have 3 day WDW tickets but right now our plan looks like this:
1st- MK
2nd Universal
3rd Sea World
4th Off park
5th: UNiversal
6th: MK
7th off park
8th: Epcot.

I was told that the system just recognizes my ticket to be associated with my Resort reservation, which is from Nov 30-Dec 4. So although I can use my tickets till 14 days after the first one is used, the system cannot let me make FPP.

I do not think this is true, but I would be cancelling that package if it was.

Yes, if it is true, it’s no fun being stuck with the package. I honestly see no alternative - any way we cut it now, it will cost us a lot more money.

I can tell you about that not being true: My neighbour and I are MDE “friends”. She went a week before us with a package and only used 6 of 7 MYW ticket days. When I was adjusting/making new FPP last minute for our group, I could make one day of FPP for her, too, until 14 days from her FIRST park day from her trip. BECAUSE her MYW ticket was good for 14 days from her FIRST park entry.
ALSO, if you buy a 3-night package, you can still buy up to a 10-day MYW ticket… meaning you can keep using your MYW ticket for park entry until 7 days after your park stay.

If it works that way, then great.
The CM did not say that I cannot use the ticket - just that I cannot do the FPP booking. But that’s not what it seems from your experience with your friend’s ticket. Keeping my fingers crossed and see what happens.

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Even if you can’t do the FPP booking, I would still keep the 8th for Epcot. You have Akershus booked and FPP are VERY easy to get for Epcot at 30 days out if you can’t book them at 60 days (which I’m pretty sure you CAN). In fact, for little kids, the only useful FPP at Epcot is the Character Spot. And it spaces out your WDW days a little…

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Yes, Akershus does make Epcot on the 8th valuable.

My alternative would be to swap Sea world with one of the WDW days and then my plan can look like this:

1st- MK
2nd Universal
3rd Epcot
4th Off park
5th: UNiversal
6th: MK
7th off park
8th: Sea World