Not Click Bait: Do you *really* want to come to FL right now?

Yep… that was my whole cycle of thought too! Pretty much exactly. Once I qualified to get all my money back yesterday from SouthWest, it made cancelling so much easier.

I got lucky and got a free “reset” button… It’s actually kinda liberating…

GL! I empathize w/ you!

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Will be interesting to see what it’s like there the next few weeks.

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I am surprised there was even a concert anywhere in the world right now!!

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you and probably quite a few that were in attendance. lol. sorry, I know its not a laughing matter but I had to:rofl:


the military is banned from traveling to FL

(except the DVC part )

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This is confusing to me, because they include Michigan but not Arizona or Texas. Yes, we’ve had a very slight uptick in cases (at the beginning of the month we had 250/day, trending downward and now we’re at 325/ day building steady) but those have been mostly in 2 counties, and the numbers in the Detroit area are still going down. Compared to thousands of new cases per day in Texas and Arizona (AZ is having more then double our worst day every for the past week, despite them having substantially lower population) it doesn’t make any sense.

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I like this discussion. I would like to weigh in my viewpoint. We had a trip scheduled for September and are cancelling. Not because of more covid cases, but more because of the restrictions that are being put into place. Not saying they are unreasonable or otherwise, it just won’t be the experience that our family was looking for. I don’t want to have to explain to my young kids why they can’t see characters or deal with them when they don’t want to wear a mask in the FL heat. Not to mention the other entertainment that will not be available. We hear everything on the news and likely the truth is somewhere in between. Everyone is trying to get headlines and ratings. However, I will say this. I don’t think the virus is near as deadly as it was made out to be, or perhaps it has evolved to be less deadly. I work for a hospital which is part of a chain of hospitals located in several states. These hospitals combined serve millions of people. Last count I got out of all of those hospitals, there were less than 50 hospitalized inpatients with Covid and of those patients, less than 10 were on ventilators. So while we may be experiencing an uptick in cases, the number of those cases that become severe must be very very small. I hope that everyone that goes stays safe and has a great time!


Well, this is an ongoing rolling open/closing for military members telling them where they are allowed to go… When we lived in NM we were banned from crossing the border into Juarez. They look at threat and make a determination.

I would have agreed if the post were not deleted :upside_down_face:


I agree with you on all counts.
I hope you can have a great trip another time.

I also wonder if we aren’t being coerced to spend our vacation monies in home states.

Yes, I wonder that too, except that all the places I would go in PA have been hotspots. There are more restrictions in those areas compared to my own. So why would I go there? We are headed to MD beaches for a few days in August. I know of a number of people who have already gone and had no issues. We aren’t the partying or bar hopping type, so even if that sort of thing is open, we wouldn’t partake. And we have no plans to go to the boardwalk. Just a simple get out of town beach trip.

I also find it interesting that our governor won’t place quarantine on out of state visitors, as he states that there is a right to freedom of movement between states.

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I wonder how this will play out with parents taking kids to college in another 6 weeks…

Does that include the Commander-in-Chief?


I have the same round and round thought process. I am really starting to think it won’t be fun but am trying to give myself time to read some first hand experiences from people next week before I pull the plug. I keep hoping we’ll be pleasantly surprised and (hooray!) Disney is still fun even right now but I’m feeling more and more pessimistic everyday. :pensive:


OMG :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I wish!

I do think there are mutual deaf ears between the two. Early in the admin. ‘It’ said that certain members (don’t remember exactly… what group was targeted by ‘It’; there have been so many) wouldn’t be allowed to re-up, which was followed immediately by commander calls all over reminding all active duty personnel that we DO NOT discriminate in the armed forces. SO…

well it’s with a very heavy and breaking heart that I have had to postpone my trip with 15 days left to go. I know it’s wrong to be so heartbroken but after getting everything together and planning for all safety measures, to have to stop now just sucks. I really think I would have been fine but circumstances around me makes it that I have to make the decision that I wouldn’t be fine. I’ve moved the trip to next March which has now increased my resort prices but it is what it is


Thanks… I want to keep this community as my “safe space” from the real world. I opened that door, to the real world for a moment, but slammed it shut. This is my Magic place online to escape. I can get angry about politics elsewhere…:laughing: