Not Click Bait: Do you *really* want to come to FL right now?

I live here, so I have no choice.

FL just posted the number of new Covid cases in the last 24 hours: 8,942. The previous high, set 2 days ago, was 5,000. That’s almost doubled in one day. Nationally, the number was approx. 41,000, which means that Fl had over 20% of all the new cases in the country.

I know that “numbers” can be misleading and are significantly affected by number of tests given. So here’s a different statistic: a friend of mine who is an Urgent Care doctor, over the course of 2 days, personally saw 92 cases that presented with Covid-like symptoms the majority of which were under 40 and had been going to the beach, bars, and clubs. The city of Pensacola just reinstated a mandatory mask law and has stopped bars from selling alcohol to be consumed on premises. I’m sure that others will follow suit.

I have no reason to believe that the Governor will issue any kind of state-wide restrictions, for political reasons.

A number of states have already issued a mandatory self-quarantine policy for anyone who has been to FL; I’m sure others will follow. Is this something that you can afford to do?

This isn’t by way of saying that you should cancel your plans, but I’m putting this out there to remind you that there’s more to consider in your planning than resorts, scheduling park days, and which restaurants will be open.

As I said up front, I live here and have to deal with all of this. If I didn’t live here, I would give serious thoughts about coming for a visit…


I appreciate your insight and thoughts on this. I am just so shocked at how quickly the numbers have spiked. (Reminds me of that line from Ron Burgundy, "Well, that escalated quickly!’

I feel like our nation as a whole needs to get smacked upside the head and snap into reality. Just because things are opening, doesn’t mean this is gone. Wear your masks. Stay physically distant. Practice good hygiene. And for goodness sake STAY HOME if you at all are feeling a bit off.

I pray the numbers start declining.


Nope. Even if I weren’t worried about the numbers in FL (and particularly worried about the cast members who will be forced to see thousands of people each day), I don’t want to drive and flying isn’t an option. Aside from work restrictions prohibiting working within 14 days of flying, I can’t imagine getting there and then someone in the group develops COVID or any other illness that causes a fever and we couldn’t get home.


All good statements. The virus does exist and isn’t going anywhere even if you want to ignore it. Mickey will be there in the future when there is a vaccine for this virus. Think hard for your family and friends before you go .


I will say that today’s developments have given me pause.

And TBPH I was up for a while in the night mulling it over.

I have a month to decide…


Is a counterargument to @bswan26’s concerns this:

If you fly to Orlando and take the DME to the bubble and stay in the bubble and take the DME to the airport and fly back, are you avoiding most of the crazies and only spending time in well-supervised areas?


We think quite alike. I was actually going to include a caveat such as this, but I felt my post was long enough. Assuming the rules are followed, WDW may be one of the safest places in FL to be…


This is what I keep coming back to. Wait and watch


I think you have to be smart wherever you go, whether that is your own hometown or Florida. (i.e. stay out of bars and indoor crowded places, and wear the darn masks). That said, I would definitely be avoiding Florida right now, same as I would have been avoiding NYC a month ago. I have been stuck at home for 102 days and I’m losing my mind, but I still wouldn’t willingly step into a hot spot.


@bswan26, i appreciate you sharing your local perspective. while i don’t have a trip planned and am so very hopeful that trips happen for all that do, i’d be reconsidering. that pull to visit is a strong one and being in the bubble is at the top of my list if it were possible (covid or not). i can’t imagine what it’s been like to have a trip planned and the adjustments needed to follow through with it. it would be a difficult decision to make. sending positive vibes to everyone.

I live in the county next to a theme park. That county has seen a spike with a percentage of 357%. Mine is rising, fast. I go to to work, cause I have to, I go home, I go to the one grocery store near the house once a week early on in the day and wear a mask and that’s pretty much it. Oh and my doctor check ups that I have to do, I wear a mask for those. I plan to drive to Disney and stay in the bubble and drive back and go back in my bubble. I see the numbers and they are terrifying but I don’t plan on interacting with people more than I have to. The way I see it, I have the same risk here and I judge anyone I see without a mask.
3 weeks is a long time during this pandemic and a lot can change so in the end my plans can change along with it. But that’s where my head is at now.



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On Monday I would of said yes, but today I lean no as I follow the news and numbers. Plus my employer added Orlando to their no-travel list for employees (I work in healthcare) so unless I want to return home to 2-weeks quarantine without pay, I won’t be going anytime soon.


The thing we keep coming back to is what happens if one of us gets sick while we’re there? We wouldn’t be able to fly back, driving is too far. If one of us is hospitalized, where does the rest go? Would the hospitals even have space? We’re relatively safe at home, only leaving for grocery shopping and outdoor exercise, why leave our house to a hotspot, even if we are inside a bubble? And really, how much of a bubble is it, when all the CMs live in the “real world”? I haven’t had the heart to cancel our trip, but I know it’s what we have to do…


No I wouldn’t go even if I could. I don’t know where the messaging has gone wrong (I’m talking about U.K. here) but people seem to think the virus is gone just because things are starting to open and there’s no danger. I’m going nowhere unless it’s essential.


The rising numbers have given me very serious pause. My trips are not until mid-September and December, so I will watch both the numbers and reports on how well WDW is enforcing safe practices. There is already evidence that use of masks , social distancing, and preventing crowding has allowed for safe re-openings in many places, so it is possible that if the announced protocols are followed WDW could truly be what we all have for years referred to as “the bubble,” to some extent. I had joked that when the Passholder and other previews are released for July 9/10 I might sneak away to go if I got one of the entries, but not now. And its not because I’m personally worried – I’m very healthy and am confident that even if infected I’d be ok. But I cannot risk my family and others.


Today’s numbers have me less enthusiastic, we have a trip scheduled for July 16th (potentially earlier if they do AP previews and we can get a slot).
But, here is what I am weighing:

  1. The state where I live has had pretty good numbers, we flattened the curve way early on with aggressive stay at home orders. But, masks are not required. In fact, in the city where I live, I would say maybe 10% of people are wearing masks (DH and I are two of them!) and many businesses do not require masks so there is virtually no enforcement.
    compare that to:
  2. Disney - I know masks are mandatory in the places I would visit (airport, DME, Hotel, parks, even Disney Springs if we venture there). The cleaning protocols, I am sure, are better than what is happening at local establishments here.

I don’t know the right answer and will continue to watch the numbers both in FL and here but right now, I am leaning towards, the calculated risk.

Both DH and I are 100% WFH so quarantine upon returning home is not an issue. We would self quarantine anyway, at least from family members for 14 days regardless. It is only the two of us in the house. My parents (who are in their 70’s) live next door so we are close but would still not risk exposing them. No other family in the immediate area, which makes it a little easier too.

Maybe it is a false sense of security of being in the Disney bubble but that is what I keep going back to. I really do feel Disney would be safer than a lot of places here locally.


This afternoon is the first time I have truly considered cancelling our July trip.


I have to admit, I am thinking more and more about this as well. We are about a 13 hour drive so not impossible but certainly not fun!

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Thank you for opening this thread. If everyone can indulge me while I, too, write my thoughts.

If not, TL;DR - I don’t know who to believe & selfishly want to go - following every safety protocol in place while there.

I’ve, like a lot of ppl here, been struggling with this dilemma for months. I see v/bloggers all screaming “Don’t come to FL!” followed by pics of them at Universal & Disney Springs exclaiming how awesome these places are now with low crowds and their upcoming July MDE reservations…

They proclaim what a great job, especially Universal, is doing at constantly wiping everything down, enforcing masks and other social distancing procedures.

My local government tells me COVID is no big deal - especially if you’re not a small child or elderly adult. That if you do catch it in 80% of cases you’ll be sick with flu symptoms for about 10 days. Then I go online to see people proclaiming this is another Black Death situation.

I’m sure the truth is in the middle, but I can’t find it.

I see CM unions petitioning not to open & then CMs on social media excited to go back to work.

I don’t want to be a part of the problem. I wear my mask even when I don’t have to. (I confess a lot of that is to “practice” for possibly going on my Disney trip) I haven’t seen any of my friends in person since the last week of February. I’m on the verge of shaving my head - my hair is out of control! The only place I routinely go is to my office where I sit alone all day. I’ve gone out to the grocery store no more than 2 - 3 times per month now. I did go to the Zoo once. After being there for a couple hours and seeing almost no one else wearing masks / enforcing SD practices - I left.

I’m not coming into the area infected & plan on staying on property. I do trust Disney to enforce these policies. I feel pretty sure that we’ll see a news story titled “Disney removing guests for not wearing masks” in July. They have too much to lose in an already tense situation by appearing lackadaisical & not enforcing all social distancing policies.

I guess what this rant is trying to say is I wish I could get an honest answer to the question - “Should I stay or Should I go?” (insert “The Clash” song here!)… I should rephrase it to, “Is it SAFE to go - if you follow all the safety protocols?”

My wife & I are 45 yrs old w/ no health issues. Our daughter is grown and moved out. We have no contact with senior aged people. An 80% chance of only flu symtopms IF we get it is something I’m OK gambling with and I’m not likely to spread it to high risk groups.

At the end of the day, I guess it’s a personal decision. I just wish I felt I was being told the truth about how safe it is to travel / take a Disney trip once they reopen.