Non Rider at Harry Potter

So tomorrow the other 4 people in my family will be running to Hagrid’s at opening then Forbidden Journey. I will not ride either of those. So any special things I should do in the world of Harry Potter while I wait for them?

For Forbidden Journey, go through the queue with them if the wait isn’t too long - it is really well done. There is a ‘chicken exit’ with a waiting area right before boarding.


Actually rode it yesterday. Made me I’ll. But it was SO crowded yesterday afternoon we didn’t wander around. Hadn’t planned on doing it but got through with the other park earlier than we thought.

Enjoy taking in the details - even if you don’t go in the shops, the windows are awesome. Listen out for Moaning Myrtle in the loos. Enjoy a butterbeer or two. Not sure if there are shows on at the moment but they are fun if there are.


Forbidden Journey is awful in every way. It has no redeeming features.

I would say the queue is worth going through if it’s not too busy.

Yes. Agreed. But the ride is terrible. (IMHO)

The castle itself is awesome. Double awesome in fact.

Clearly, you are insane. Forbidden Journey is an amazing ride. Fortunately for you, I think you are a good human being, so I will not hold your incorrect opinion against you. :rofl:


You see, you’ve embarrassed yourself there.

It is designed to make you throw up. That it literally it’s only purpose. To be fair, it’s really good at it.

If you want a good Harry Potter ride, then say hello to Gringott’s. Or Hagrid’s.

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  • Butterbeer
  • Hot butterbeer
  • Frozen butterbeer
  • Potted cream butterbeer
  • Fudge, butterbeer

That should kill enough time I’d think!

You could also go to Ollivander’s, maybe see the Triwizard Spirit Rally or Frog Choir. It’s quite fun just to wander around the “town”. Ride of the Hippogriff if you can do small coasters?


I like this so much that I’ve never been able to try the other drinks.


I loved the frozen one so much, but also had the hot one. It’s delicious, too! Did you end up going to Florida in December? I usually like reading your reports. Did you have a thread that I missed?

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That shows how much you know. I don’t get embarrassed. Just ask my kids… :wink:

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if you have the opportunity, and it’s available, you really should try the hot butterbeer. I love the frozen, but the hot is even better.

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I got it last year, and really liked it. Then, we got it this year, and oh man, we all loved it! Definitely the frozen and hot are the way to go in my opinion.


Interested in why you think that about FJ. It is one of our favorite rides.


Two reasons.

First, it is designed to make people throw up. If you disagree, come up with a device that’s more effective at inspiring motion sickness.

Second the transitions from screen action to live action are too jarring. For the same reason, I’m super unimpressed by the final scene in Kong.

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Mission Space.


I’ve never done Orange. I want to, though. One day.

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I agree!