Non dessert items for snack credits

Heading to WDW for our first trip in December. We were able to score free dining. I am having trouble planing our snack credits, as I am new to this. I get a stomachache every time I read a list of of the must do snacks (using a snack credit) because they all seem so sweet and heavy and I usually love my sweets, but two treats a day seems excessive. Please give me your recommendations for non dessert snacks (except Starbucks, I already have my venti quad skinny caramel macchiato planned daily :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). I would like to use the credits to score a couple of light meals throughout the trip.

You can search just for snack items on the lines app - choose search menu by location from the main page -

And then do an advanced search -

I use all mine on sweet things but I do know you can get fried rice in AK.


There are a lot of snack options that can be used for breakfast such as bagels, muffins, etc…

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They have several options at Les Halles in France at Epcot- soup or a ham and cheese croissant!

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Great info! We Love fried rice, so that will definitely go on the list! I am going go check that feature out on lines. I have only used the DL one, so I guess IShould play with the WDW one to get to know it too. Very excited that this is a feature!

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That is perfect for my 13 year old! He loves his ham and cheese croissants!

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I’ve used them for pint milks (for cereal I had brought for in room breakfast), uncrustables for breakfast, biscuits and gravy, and got lots of great snacks at Epcot during F&W fest.

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Where did you get the biscuits and gravy? I know my husband would love that!

We got biscuits and gravy at the food court at Pop Century. My kids ate it every morning.

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Sounds awesome! We are staying at CBR, so I will have to do my research to see where else I might find it.

I was able to find this article and it exactly the items I was looking for. Here it is for anyone else looking for similar items: