No room at the inn

Hi! We have a trip may 6-9th but are trying to add on the 5th so we can fly and veg that day and start fresh on the 6th. Hubby and 2 small boys wont do well with travel and parks on one day. We are staying at AoA. I cant find anything for the 5th on property other than a 600 room at GF. Any suggestions when might be a good time to check for cancellations? I know you guys know all the stealth tricks… TIA

No tricks. But you might try one of the affiliate Disney Springs hotels, or something off-site for that first night. Would be cheaper, at least.


I agree with @ryan1. We often intentionally stay off site or at DS hotel our first night.


I had been looking near the airport for the 5th, figuing back to mco and then take ME to hotel, but that would eat up alot of the am. The DS hotels have never been on my radar as this is my first time trying to do this (i had checked swan and dolphin, nothing) There are a bunch of options available there, thank you!!!


A quick lyft/uber to your hotel on the 6th to drop off your luggage and you will be good to go!

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Not sure how you are searching but a room at the Swan on May 5th is only about $220.

A Sunday night in May, should be plenty of room all over the place.

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It might be worth a call to WDW. Since you already have a reservation, ask if you can get a room a day earlier. They may be able to at least tell you what’s going on.

There’s a sale for that month and one would think if they were having a sale, there would be availability that they wanted to get rid of.

I talked to them today, she said there is a sport thing of some sort causing them to be full. I was expecting it to be easy also. Swan i could only get to come up if i booked a pkg with 2day tix. I’ve been looking at the DS hotels mentioned. None say anything about airport shuttles. Im assuming they arent on a ME route?

We decided to add a day to the back of our trip on May 12 at POP with no luck. My family is giving me Keys of the Kingdom Tour for Mother’s Day. The CM said to try to get online before 7 in the morning when the lines open up, because the system refreshes each morning. We are hoping something will turn up. If not we will just start home after the tour, but I would rather spend one more evening at the park.


I will be at MK that morning too! We are doing EMM, then flying out that evening. It is what I am doing for me on Mother’s Day :wink:

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No only onsite hotels get ME. Even Swan and Dolphin don’t.

I’d book the Disney Springs resort, but then check daily. 5 days out is the last time a room only reservation can be cancelled without penalty - I’ve had luck in the past finding extra availability between 5 and 10 days out. No guarantee, but worth checking for.

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priceline often has the ds hotels at a discount, but alas no dme and usually no cancellation

Orbitz had both swan and dolphin for that night.

Yea the Disney website is showing no availability on several random weeks even farther out like into June. odd. Was not even like this at this time last year.

It makes me think people are moving up their trips to avoid SWGE, filling up availability at a time that traditionally would not be full.

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People who booked throwaway rooms for the FPs and now are afraid to cancel???

Ok, so i initial problem solved, there are options of a place to stay nearby. But it looks like we will be paying for transport to nite 1 hotel and from there to AoA. My husband wont get near uber or lyft. So sounds like a rental is our best option. Havent rented there since 05. Why do all these other people want to go and mess with the “slow” times :slight_smile:

Hopefully so. I can see it now. The only people in the parks is my wife, my daughters, and I. NO WAITS!!! :):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: