No room at the inn

I think you misquoted, there. That’s, “No capes!” not, “No waits!” :wink:


Other travel sites are showing availability in June. Maybe it was just the Disney site this am

But I agree that people may have moved trips or planned them with the deals that lasted so long.

Just wondering, do on-site resorts typically book up year round? Is the occupancy rate any indicator of crowd levels?

Yes they are usually pretty much booked up year round.


Yes they are usually pretty much booked up year round.

What she said ^^^^^

But as to the second part of your question, the majority of guests on any given day are staying offsite. We’ve had discussions as to what the ratio is before, but onsite guests are not the main factor in how busy the parks are.


I’ve stayed here

It’s about 10 minutes from the gate, has a free full breakfast and a free evening reception (alcohol and heavy snacks included). It has availability at about $120/night


They have been sold out even before SWGE was announced due to the cheer/dance competitions. I wouldn’t worry about the crowds.

If I was looking for a post travel night, this would be my choice. Free drinks are nice. There is a pool; it’s not much, but its a hole in the ground with water in it, so the kids would probably be happy. A solid free breakfast before heading to WDW is a nice way to start.

Another option would be the Caribe Royale. It’s literally across the street from WDW and has more of a “resort” feel and has an awesome pool. No freebies, and rooms should run in the $200-300 range.

FWIW, I’ve been changing around my on property reservations for next week 4/19-4/28-ish - we drive there so have some flexibility. There were almost no good options up to about a week ago, including two days with near zero availability - then suddenly last week a bunch of great options opened up, and it’s still changing daily (I’m still stewing on plans and checking …I just can’t leave this trip alone.) I suspect a lot of people cancel or change right before the 5 day cut off. With that many guests, some will always have things come up that alter trips - plus there is the cheer competitions, so I imagine they have some flux in attendees. We’ve also lucked into some pretty sweet deals when we decided to stay just one more day and booked another night about 2 days out. My advice is to keep looking!

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HAPPY DANCE!!! Ive been stalking wdw reservations and a few rooms just popped up for the 5th, including a standard at POP! Perfect for a quick walk to AoA Mon am! I loved the off property suggestions and if transportation wasnt an issue I’d love to give them a try. Another trip Thank you all for your advice!


Glad it worked out. Keep stalking in case an AoA room opens up. :slight_smile:

Crossing my fingers for May 12.