Ninentdo World?

So I know this isn’t the right place to put this -but Nintendo World is supposedly opening in Hollywood in the Spring of 22- as opposed to the Epic Universe 2025…

Is there a thread for Hollywood? Or are we the only family dropping everything and flying west when the news drops.

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I admit as a big Universal fan we don’t talk about Hollywood much here. (Heck, even the Disneyland section is just a fraction of WDW)

For me I have so many plans on hold that realistically waiting for 2025 is probably gonna be my game plan. I have love everything I’ve seen about the one in Japan!


I still think we could get a late 2024 or very early 2025.


here’s to hoping…

I had been contemplating going to Japan for it, so i’m with you on the dropping everything and heading to Hollywood lol. Hope it opens sooner in Orlando too!


Yup - Japan is a daily conversation in my home, had marvel not opened that’s probably where my next 2 years worth of DVC points would have been going…

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The videos that I have seen from Japan are amazing! Here’s hoping that I can make it to one of them someday.

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I agree with @darkmite2, the west coast doesn’t to too much love on the forums, but I’m glad you brought it up here! I had no idea it was opening that soon, which is surprising to me. I thought USH was landlocked like DLR for expansions.

That being said, I know my boys would love to go down and see it!

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That’s why I brought it up- it seems it may be off the current campus-

That’s where my questions start-

Where is the location in relation to the current park?

I am assuming if it’s a different location that it will be a separate ticket ( similar to US & IOA )

Will there be onsite lodging or nearby partner hotels?

  • we have an upcoming Disneyland trip right around the projected spring opening so it’s kinda a big deal for my family.

Hoping for information on even rumors ect…it’s definitely pretty close seeing as they have started tweeting the merchandise ( if anyone sees a Zelda hat before I do link it here )

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Last night I thought I saw pictures of it being in the park itself, but I totally could have just assumed. I’ll look again.

All I saw merch wise was Mario World hat and a stuffed Mario and Yoshi.

This article has photos. It sounds like it’s a land within USH, not a separate theme park.


Completely unfamiliar with California-

So is it inside what is currently park area?

I swear I have read the article and looked at the pictures but I seem to be missing it…

It’s located next to the Jurassic Park ride and Transformers on the lower lot.


thank you that made so much more sense