Ninentdo World?

So I know this isn’t the right place to put this -but Nintendo World is supposedly opening in Hollywood in the Spring of 22- as opposed to the Epic Universe 2025…

Is there a thread for Hollywood? Or are we the only family dropping everything and flying west when the news drops.

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I admit as a big Universal fan we don’t talk about Hollywood much here. (Heck, even the Disneyland section is just a fraction of WDW)

For me I have so many plans on hold that realistically waiting for 2025 is probably gonna be my game plan. I have love everything I’ve seen about the one in Japan!


I still think we could get a late 2024 or very early 2025.


here’s to hoping…

I had been contemplating going to Japan for it, so i’m with you on the dropping everything and heading to Hollywood lol. Hope it opens sooner in Orlando too!


Yup - Japan is a daily conversation in my home, had marvel not opened that’s probably where my next 2 years worth of DVC points would have been going…

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The videos that I have seen from Japan are amazing! Here’s hoping that I can make it to one of them someday.

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I agree with @darkmite2, the west coast doesn’t to too much love on the forums, but I’m glad you brought it up here! I had no idea it was opening that soon, which is surprising to me. I thought USH was landlocked like DLR for expansions.

That being said, I know my boys would love to go down and see it!

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That’s why I brought it up- it seems it may be off the current campus-

That’s where my questions start-

Where is the location in relation to the current park?

I am assuming if it’s a different location that it will be a separate ticket ( similar to US & IOA )

Will there be onsite lodging or nearby partner hotels?

  • we have an upcoming Disneyland trip right around the projected spring opening so it’s kinda a big deal for my family.

Hoping for information on even rumors ect…it’s definitely pretty close seeing as they have started tweeting the merchandise ( if anyone sees a Zelda hat before I do link it here )

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Last night I thought I saw pictures of it being in the park itself, but I totally could have just assumed. I’ll look again.

All I saw merch wise was Mario World hat and a stuffed Mario and Yoshi.

This article has photos. It sounds like it’s a land within USH, not a separate theme park.


Completely unfamiliar with California-

So is it inside what is currently park area?

I swear I have read the article and looked at the pictures but I seem to be missing it…

It’s located next to the Jurassic Park ride and Transformers on the lower lot.


thank you that made so much more sense

Maybe June?

In USH? Well… the new movie is out Holiday 2022 so I’d say before that.

Wow, this just messed with my future trips. We are going to Socal in 2023 and had no intention of going to Universal. We a re going to WDW in 2024 and I planed on going to Universal for the first time, especially for Epic Universe.

Pulling out the eraser now and making some changes…

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Epic Universe is estimated to open around Spring 2025.

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Nintendo will supposedly be opening in Hollywood first. Rumors are running between spring and summer 2022.( supposedly they have started officially cycling Mario carts).

I just couldn’t figure out where to ask as there doesn’t seem to be an appropriate forum location.

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Same here we planned for DLR for February for Marvel. Looks like we will be adding an additional trip to California this year.

It’s throwing me off completely- I was originally supposed to cut back on APs a bit this year lol not add 2 more. Fiancé is gonna kill me…