Ninentdo World?

Yeah, I have known I would most likely be in Otlando in 2024 for a conference since 2019, and was excited for Epic Universe. That was pre-COVID. I never bothered to see of it got delayed.


My DH only tolerates 1 Disney trip a year. I think he and DD will love the Marvel Campus and DCA and I think he will be psyched for Nintendo just to do something different. Plus I have promised him a Dodgers and/or Padres game.

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WOW you can get 1 trip a year out of DH-

Your doing way better than I am lol…Significant other has refused to go WDW since 2017- in ‘19 I got him to Aulani and he was miserable…

I bought DVC, but I think after 2024 he will put his foot down. We are doing “make up” trips.

I helped hook him by doing shorter trips with resort time, always providing access to beer, and limiting park time to 8 hours a day.

Variety is has been key:

2021: normal multi day, all 4 parks, trip (first since 2015)
2022: Hilton Head
2023: DLR, plus Universal, MLB, and San Diego
2024: the plan was to split WDW and Universal but with Epic Universe not being open, we will see. I may loose this fight.

That just seems stubborn. How can one be miserable at Aluni?

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