Nine turning ten

I’ve noticed that when I make a pre-paid ADR for October that I’m being charge the child rate for my older daughter who is 9 now but will turn 10 prior to the trip. Has anyone else noticed this? Will I have problems? The same thing happened when I bought MNSSHP tickets (it defaulted to a child ticket for her), but I manually adjusted it to an adult ticket because I didn’t want to have any problems at the gate. Would I have been fine leaving it? I’m not trying to get away with anything here, but the website is choosing what to charge me. MDE has her correct birthdate.

I had the same issue with Cinderella’s Royal Table. Since they don’t check birth certificates (and ten year olds don’t have IDs), you should be fine.

Here’s a followup on this issue for anyone else facing the same thing. Restaurants handled the age change with varying degrees of grace. Pre-paid dinners were fine. Hoop-dee-doo never even asked her age. Cinderella’s Royal Table asked, but immediately understood when I said she was 9 when I made the reservation. I got the feeling they dealt with that all the time. They did not make us pay the extra amount. Whispering Canyon and Trattoria were borderline rude about it, and not in the fun-Whispering-Canyon-rude kind of way. Their tone implied that I was trying to cheat the system when in fact their own reservation system decided to count her as a child. I was annoyed and I gave feedback to Disney customer service. They should either train their people about this issue OR use the birth date in the system to decide how old a child will be on the date of the meal, not the date of reservation. Simple fix! I work in IT for a living, and I can tell you that doing date math is not hard. Customer service updated the rest of our reservations to count her as an adult after my comment, which was fine. I was not trying to cheat them, and I always gave her correct age when asked, just like her birthday was correct in the system. The issue was always about the way the reservation system handled the change in age.


I told my daughter to go ahead and say she was nine for two reasons: (1) I didn’t want to spend the time correcting the mistake and (2) she wanted the kids meal anyway.

In fact, she told me later she was glad she told them she was nine because she much preferred the “royal chicken nuggets” over the adult meal I had. I later found out that adults could get the kids meal as well, but at the time, I wasn’t willing to risk what might be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for her because she was three months too old.

I completely understand doing that, and no judgment. I just wanted to be clear about our situation. Our 10 year old would usually prefer the grown-up menu anyway. She must be heading for a growth spurt because she can really put away the food right now. :hamburger:

I am wondering how they will handle this for our upcoming trip. My son was 2 when I made reservations, but he will be 3 by the time we make the trip. I know if he wants a meal of his own at a TS that is not a buffet, we would pay for that. But curious how it would be handled at character meals and buffets. Since these were not pre-paid, I would assume I would pay for him as age 3. But just curious.

According to the customer service person, you can call Disney dining and they will update the reservation for you. We were asked the ages of our kids nearly every time we checked in at a restaurant, with HDD being the exception. I’m uncomfortable lying, and our 10 year old eats a lot anyway. The person at the check-in desk changed DD10 to an adult in the non-pre-paid restaurants. Some of them were nice about it, and some were rude. shrug

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interesting… when I booked, I thought it asked for age at time of trip… it must have…i was staring at dd being listed as 4 since booking. or maybe I am just anal and put it in that way myself. lol!

She’s been entered into MDE for years, so I just had to select her when it asked me who would be dining. I think there were times when I was asked age at the time of the trip, and then I always answered 10, but I think that was for the hotel. The answer didn’t seem to carry over.