NEWS: AP Holder Resort Discounts Announced up to 40% off through September 20, 2020

If you already have the reservation for that date, pull up the reservation in MDE, click on the Change Reservation button, then click on the change in the vacation offer section.

Just got through and re-booked our resort reservation under the new AP offer! We are saving roughly $650! Thanks so much! :heart:

ETA: Had to do it over the phone. CM told me it will probably take a few days to be able to change it online.

Glad it works for you.

Now let’s see if @ryan1 can get a better deal.

Oh yeah, baby! I was able to call and get the discounted applied to not one, not two, but THREE rooms. I was surprised I could even apply my AP discount to my DS22’s room as well.

All said, it comes to about $720 in savings!

Thanks for posting this info, @cherokee_jacket!


I look forward to cashing my commission check! :wink:


Geeze…$400 a night for Contemporary Theme park view…




it is now less than it was before.

caveat of helping your guests get discounts :wink: more work less pay


Not sure what you plan to do with it…

That’s actually kind of sad. :confused:

Well, when you really wow them they are inclined to come back to you or refer you out. I once saved a client $1300 by UPGRADING her to GF. I have received a lot of business from her family and friends :slight_smile:

I suddenly imagine you as a stodgy old man going, “I make money the old-fashioned way. I EEAARRN it!”

Can’t for the life of me remember what company that commercial was from! :slight_smile:

Smith Barney commercials with John Houseman

Ah, yes! That’s it!

Funny, though…I always imagined @OBNurseNH as being more…feminine! :wink:

Did you not know?

I am a stodgy old man

correction: feminine stodgy old man.

When I was on the phone with the Cast Member, he mentioned that the AP discount can apply to up to three rooms as long as I’m there at time of check-in.

But this confuses me a bit.

First, because they are doing on-line check-in now and so we should never actually need to talk to anyone at the front desk. (I might end up doing so due to the handling of parking, but that’s not a check-in thing.)

Second, if it DOES mean I have to check in at the desk, what happens when I haven’t YET activated my AP? Our plan involves arriving at Pop, checking in, unpacking our bags, then heading over to Disney Springs where I will officially activate my AP so that it is ready to go for the next day when we hit MK. But will I end up needing to go to Disney Springs FIRST, and then head over to Pop Century? I can do that…but a bit of a bother.

I think you will need to present your AP at the check-in desk before you check out or it will revert to non-ap rate

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Okay. So, this shouldn’t be a problem.