New WDW discounts for fall/holidays

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A few questions maybe someone here can help with…otherwise, I fear I will have to call…me and DH are going October 21-28. Yesterday I re-booked my original reservation under the fall promo at Boardwalk saving some serious $$$. I tried to do the Disney+ but couldn’t get it to work and just wanted to lock in the savings while still available so gave up for the time being. We are D+ subscribers but the primary email is my husband’s on D+ and mine on MDE - when I tried to change the email on D+ to mine, it said email already in use (we only have one account but two profiles so I don’t know if that’s the issue?). Anyone know how to fix so I can see the availability/book the D+ promo on MDE? And I guess before I even go down that rabbit hole, the D+ discount starts 10/22 and we are arriving 10/21 - is it possible to still get reduced rates for the other days that fall within the window or because the arrival date isn’t part of it, the whole stay won’t be eligible? TIA

You’ll need to book the discount on your husbands D+ account and then use MDE chat to make sure you and him are connected as F&F.

To clarify: that is if he technically has two accounts - if he’s listed on your MDE, but not connected to his D+ MDE. If you need to merge the two so the magic bands and such work, you’ll use MDE chat

Thank you! I understood what you meant…that’s exactly the scenario. I was able to at least view the offer for our dates logging in with his email…we would save about $300 but would have to have two separate reservations one for the first night of 10/21 (you can’t even select this date when looking at the offer) and then separate for 10/22 - 10/28 so that’s annoying but i think as long as I book the same room category, we should have no trouble staying in the same room, etc. .

I was looking at these discounts a couple of days ago (as we are going to Orlando in the fall), but was surprised when comparing 15 - 25% off of dates in late August vs. 35% off of dates in October. The dates in August were lower. I am guessing the base rates are lower then.

I wasn’t exited about the prices for October, so we are leaning towards renting a Club Wyndham or staying in Disney Springs. I just can’t spend $200+ to cram myself and 2 teens into two queen beds.