New WDW discounts for fall/holidays

Now that I’m thinking about it…how do you even book multiple rooms simultaneously online?

Well, just book two different reservations. Check out with one and then do the same process over. I don’t think you can do it with two “carts”.

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Is there a requirement that the AP holder stay in the discounted room?

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:woman_shrugging: :woman_shrugging:

I don’t believe so. I believe the AP holder must be a guest in the room booked.

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Bummer :-1:

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But she could put her name on it and pay the extra 3 adult fee?

I don’t think it would let me be in two rooms at once?

When they figure it out one room could be cancelled. And if it’s not it will revert to rack rate.

It will. But it won’t work in the end.

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So what do people with family sizes requiring multiple rooms do if not everyone has APs, just not get the discount on one room? That’s lame


I’m thinking about big families though - like @Jeff_AZ . He’s DVC so it’s different but one person in the family might have an AP but everyone else does not and they need two rooms…Disney cancels one??


Jinx lol

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No another adult has to be booked in the second room which is not eligible for the discount.

The cancelling comes sometimes when the system recognizes that a person has two rooms booked for themselves for the same dates. Since a person can’t be in two places at once the system will sometimes cancel one of them


So a Google search revealed that, as of 2020, per the PlanDisney panel website thingy, you can book up to 3 rooms per Passholder under AP discounts. In order to avoid having the passholder appear on each room though, you have to call to do it. Obviously that could have changed, I couldn’t find anything more recent


Well that’s some good sleuthing! Call tomorrow - I usually wait less than 10 mins when I call.

I’m sure that plan Disney blog was fun to read :laughing:

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I need to confirm dates with my sister, but I definitely plan to call once we have those finalized (hopefully soon :crossed_fingers:)

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Well that is (mostly) happy news.

Except that dam panel is wrong so much lol.

Really hoping they aren’t in this case!


This is a good deal, I may or may not have extended my December trip.


I don’t need to book a trip. I don’t need to book a trip. I’m already going for 15 days at the end of September.

Books a trip. (Well TA friend will tomorrow) …5 nights in early December at Pop Century.

This is what happens when you decide to renew your AP. (Plus - we have never been to Festival of the Holidays)