New URLs for WDW Travel Agent Calendars

I noticed that the URLs for the WDW Travel Agent calendars are no longer working - for example going to results in a 404 error. I did a few Google searches and have not found any updated links. Does anyone here know what the new links are?


Found it! The files are in the same location, but they have changed file name structure so that it now is WDW_TAC_yyyymmm.pdf. Therefore, the current active calendars are as follows:

WDW strikes again - for 2018 the file name structure is now TAC_WDWmmmyyyy.pdf:

WDW appears to have given up on publishing the TA calendars, even though they still have them for internal use - see my note here. In case they start publishing them again, possible URLs for the rest of 2018 are:

I have found an alternate source for advance WDW operating hours calendars - please see my notes here:
Jun 2018:
Jul 2018:
Aug 2018:
Sept 2018: (to be posted mid Feb)
Oct 2018: (to be posted mid Mar)
Nov 2018: (to be posted mid Apr)
Dec 2018: (to be posted mid May)


Thank you! I was searching and couldn’t fin them.

Updated to add links for September - December 2017


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They finally updated it - thanks for sharing!

Thanks! I’ll add this one to the list.

FWIW, March is now posted

Updated to indicate that March is out. However, April is well overdue and May should have been out by now.

April is now out at the above posted link.

I guess WDW is not releasing these calendars anymore? May isn’t available and certainly not June…

They certainly do not appear to be releasing them as timely as they used to - it used to be that a given month’s initial calendar would be published in advance of the first 180+10 day for the month so that TAs could help their clients plan out ADRs.

I know… and it is so frustrating… but I guess we have to do the best we can making ADRs with no knowledge of park hours! The adventure continues . . . . :slight_smile:

OK, I have been trying to get someone official at Disney to explain what is happening with the TA Calendar for May 2018 and beyond. I first asked the useless cows who know surprising little about Disney Disney Moms Panel, who appear to have declined to answer the question.

I then contacted Guest Relations, who failed to answer my question and instead told me how to access the online calendar on the Disney World web page. Which I obviously knew how to do, as in my e-mail I pointed out that it only shows 180 days out, which is useless for planning. OTL

The quest continues…


Thanks! I really needed to laugh today😏

Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger. :wink:


Certainty of death, small chance of success - what are we waiting for? :wink:

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Got a second reply from WDW Guest Services:
“One of the main reasons that we have stopped the previous practice of releasing our theme park monthly calendar ahead of time is due to all of the new additions appearing in our theme parks and our resorts! All of these changes will affect how our theme parks’ hours will be change and how we will be able to provide the best experiences for our guests.”

In other words, we are lazy. Planning-wise, there is no difference in releasing operating hours one day at a time for 180 days out and releasing them for the entire month that falls in the current 180+10 window. Additionally, the monthly plans still exist, as people like Kenny the Pirate who have friends in low places have been able to get access to the “internal only” calendars that are released on the same schedule that the TA calendars used to be - that is why he has been able to release his June 2018 Crowd Calendar with hours for all the parks.


I have found another source for operating hours calendars that go out beyond with WDW posts. Kenny the Pirate appears to have access to the calendars on a schedule similar to the old TA calendars. He will not say what his source is, other than it is reliable (I’m thinking that he knows someone who has access to the internal CM-only calendar that was the source for the TA calendars). I have been checking the hours he lists for June 2018, and so far they have exactly matched what has been posted on a 180 day basis on the WDW web site. Currently he has hours posted through July 2018, and I would expect August to be posted in mid-January.

A few words of warning here:

  • The advance calendars (and the hours when released at 180 days) now appear to be very generic, i.e. almost exactly the same week by week. This leads me to believe that WDW will be doing a lot more park hour changes as we get closer to dates in question, as the calendars used to have a lot more variability in them. With that in mind, the TP predicted hours (before they are overwritten by the “actual” hours on a 180 day basis), might give a better indication of what the hours will actually end up being.
  • Although the KtP hours have proven thus far to match the hours when released on the WDW website, this is not an official WDW announcement so don’t blame the messenger if they are wrong for your trip dates.