Liner TAs - Help!

Help me Liner TAs - you’re my only hope!

Over at the New URLs for WDW Travel Agent Calendars post I have been keeping a log of links to the WDW Operating Calendars, generally known as the “TA Calendars” as they were originally intended to give TAs advance notice of park hours to help them assist their clients with ADRs, etc. WDW used to regularly post them about 6 and a half months in advance, but they have gotten sloppy lately, and I have yet to find the May and June 2018 calendars.

Have they changed the format of the links to them (yet again), or are they letting you know the park hours in a different manner? Or is this just another example of slipping WDW service standards?

I am tagging @SnowWhiteFan, because I have yet to find a TA question she cannot answer.

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Ha! You found one I cannot answer!! There have been so many system updates that the urls may have gotten changed or just totally deleted! Wish I could be more helpful!

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I finally stumped you? Wow! Thanks for jumping in!

That seems to be the way with most of my questions. :frowning: I guess that’s the price I pay for having a lot of general Disney knowledge and knowing how to use Google - stuff I can’t figure out generally stumps everyone…