New TouringPlans User Experience

We’ve hired a User Experience (UX) firm to help us figure out how to make TP easier to use, and to better explain what we do. If anyone is interested in their initial assessment and ideas, here’s an example of a crowd calendar redesign. (I can post others, if anyone wants to see them.)


These are great! I’m interested in more.

I think there is always room to improve, but the one thing I hope you don’t take away is the heatmap version of the crowd calendars that attempt to show crowd levels throughout the day. I don’t count on them by any means, but I think it is useful to put all that data together to show when crowds are expected to be lowest during the day.


Oooh, fancy! I’m very curious to see more, and am very glad you’re doing this!

Looks great!

I like this, especially the bit about what to expect on each type of day. I am curious about the personalized touring plans interface. I’m using them for the first time (didn’t exist when I took my last trip) and I find that it isn’t super intuitive when it comes to using Fastpasses and Optimize/Evaluate. The good news is that the forums are incredible here, so I’ve learned a lot.


Looking good!

Maybe for Tomorrowland you can use the design of the Grechko cyclogram for Space Mountain wait times?
(I have one on my office wall. Yes, I’m a nerd.)


I really like the formatting and the color schemes. Can’t wait for it to go live!

Looks great - I think the traffic light system makes it super easy to see which parks are recommended and not. Definitely excited for the update! :+1:

I like the colored heatmaps. Are we measuring lines or crowds though? I like the term crowd calendar but I thought the ratings were a function of line wait times not “crowds” (although in most peoples minds there’s not much difference). For example, Saturday nights at Epcot may have low wait times but average to high “crowds” which can throw off new visitors.


Love it!

I like it and would love to see more. Thanks!

Given all the complaints lately (especially on chat) about actual crowds not matching predictions, Maybe should add a big red disclaimer that actual crowd levels may vary and these are only predictions. :grin:

TP said the wait for space would be 23 minutes and I had to wait 28 minutes! Boo hoo


My DS19 is getting his degree in UX. Are you comfortable sharing what firm you are using? I’d love to share this with my son.

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I have to agree with heidelj. “Crowd” calendar is kind of a misnomer, so I don’t know why you’d use it in describing what people should expect.


Maybe instead of “small crowds”, you could say “short wait times” or “shorter lines”? Unless you are changing your model and will be doing more crowd prediction than line prediction?

I also like the heat map version of the days, as they can tell me the difference between 2 CL 8 days at MK, for example, without analysing hourly anticipated wait times myself.


Yeah. I agree with this.


If you’re not analyzing hourly ride wait times yourself you’re missing half the fun!

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No, no, the fun comes in doing the analysis and comparing it with the heat map to see how right I am. :wink:

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I like it!

Key Lime Interactive.