New Summer Disney Visa Discounts

The last discount they offered fell on my upcoming dates but I booked pre ticket increase as well. When I went to apply the promo, it could be applied. I saved $8. :joy: I think I shall splurge and spend it all in 1 place.


Yeah…I’m VERY confused. The crowd levels don’t seem absurd for that week, so I’m not getting it.

At least I was able to move to a POFQ King room for my post-cruise night at less than I’d had a POFQ Garden View booked. But since my pre-cruise stay (8/22-25) is too short for the dining card promo, some kind of discount would have been nice.

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Seriously considering booking something for this summer thanks to these discounts, but I can’t decide!!

If I choose a resort with only bus access to the parks, will I still be able to be at the front of the rope drop pack? Will I have trouble taking midday breaks?

I have stayed at AKL twice and had no problem getting to rope drop. Buses were fantastic!