New Rider Swap Q's (Genie+ rollout)

Can anyone explain rider swap for me? Im planning a trip (in 2023, lol). We will have 4 adults and 1 under 2. We don’t plan on riding a lot of rides that require rider swap but maybe a few.
Q1) Can 2 adults go while the other 2 stay with the non-rider then the other 2 ride?
Q2) Does the first party wait in the regular line then relieve the second party?
Q3) How does this work with the new Genie+ LL rides?

I’ve been reading over on WDW Lines chat (as well as official website) that sometimes more than one can go with second adult. It’s at the discretion of CM.

I think you can only hold one- but ask the experts-

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I would not expect more than one adult to be allowed to go with the second party. I think the flexibility is most likely to be granted for families with 3+ kids so the older children don’t need to fight over/choose who will get to go twice. I see no need for Disney to allow multiple adults through the second time. I am pretty sure this is the abuse they are trying to combat.

@drvillarejos you can only hold one RS at a time. It looks like a Fastpass in your MDE. You have the entire day to use it. I think your plan of 2 adults and 2 adults should work fine. You just present the waiting adults tickets/bands to the CM with the ipad and they will provide the RS pass. The second group will then go through the Lightning Lane queue but other than that I don’t think there should be much difference with Genie+.


We are not trying to ride twice. So hopefully they will allow 2 adults to go, then 2 adults to go. And it would be for only one, MAYBE 2 attractions per day. Im perfectly fine with missing some of the more extreme rides and hang back with my new grand baby (first one!)

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Sorry, definitely wasn’t accusing you of anything! Once you get the RS then you still could go through the line to ride twice, does that make sense? And theoretically (safe space!) the first group doesn’t even have to wait/ride. I’m just saying that is why they REALLY don’t want to give many people the RS in the first place. Again, I think you are ok with 2 adults in the “waiting” party though. And congrats on the grand baby!!

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  1. 2 people can ride the second time. What they tightened up on was where Dad rode with 2 kids and then Mum rode with both kids. Now either Dad rides with one and Mum rides with the other, or Mum rides alone.

In this case if there are 4 adults, I don’t see why they can’t split 2 and 2. What they will probably not allow is for any of the adults to re-ride.

(If it was 2 adults and 1 child, with a baby, then the child would get to ride twice. Not for adults which is fair enough IMO).

  1. You all go to the Lightning Lane. The CM will add RS to the second group. First group go through LL, whilst the others entertain baby looking at ducks / with ice cream. Then the second group go through LL. I haven’t seen anything suggesting that process will change.

3.See answer 2.

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Due in 2 months, 2 weeks! Thank you. Yes, I agree, people try to scam a system meant to help people that need it. I knew you weren’t accusing me I just realized, I didn’t specify that an adult wasn’t going to go twice, lol. And Ive explained to the adults this trip is for the baby and we will do mostly baby oriented things, lol.

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You can only have one RS at a time.

Now if you booked a G+ ride at 7am with a return time of 9:15am and booked a second G+ at 9am with a return time of 9:45am, that’s fine. But you would then go to the first, do your RS and then go to the second and do your RS.

So you get your RS when you ride. So you could be stacking Genie+ or even the IAS rides, but you can only physically ride one at a time and therefore there is no way to stack the RS.

I don’t see why not. I agree they probably won’t allow an adult to ride twice. But the party could split 2 and 2 and no-one would be riding twice.

Well the thing is that they don’t have a way to know who rides first really. But I meant one adult PLUS the “waiting party” so 2 adults. I do not think they will give a RS to 3 adults.

Thank you for the explanation. Yes I wasnt sure just how the process went and Disney site didnt explain well. Grandma (me) is footing the bill and this trip is for grand baby. Ive already told everyone we will do 1 or 2 adult rides/ things per day, rest of day if for baby. :joy::grin:

You will probably be surprised what the baby can ride on!

Yes, i already have my list. It is most things, except the coaster type stuff which I usually fine skipping anyway. Been to Disney so many times. I just have 2 that I must go on, lol. RRC and Space.

Question, is the Rider Swap only given the second party? We aren’t trying to have 3 adults on either “riding party”. I wouldn’t want to do 3 adults in one party then 1 adult in second party.

Yes, the RS is only given to the people coming back. Which brings up an excellent point here. You can’t stack, but 2 different sets of 2 can have different ones! So if you alternate who goes first, then you can have 2 adults each carrying different ones. Might give you some more flexibility.

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Oh, I like this idea! I was trying to plan using RS around nap time. That way baby doesnt have to just hang around waiting for us big kids, lol. Do you have an option when you can use your RS pass? This would also allow us to try to get Genie passes for 2 people on 1 ride, 2 people on the other and knock them out quicker.

Unless Genie+ does change something, which it doesn’t look like it will, you have the whole day to use the RS pass. The party with the baby can go do something or even leave the park as soon as they show the baby to the CM so you could definitely play with this around naptime.

DGB will be like 18 months old, right?

Well, shes due mid -late Dec. Originally it was 28th, then pushed to 24th, think it will get pushed forward again. Im planning trip for week after Thanksgiving Nov. 2023 (Im an early planner, lol). So GS will be just under 2 (and still free, lol)
Edit: i had to manually check the math. App I have said less time to go, just realized i moved due date up 5ish weeks instead of week, lol)

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That age will be really fun!