Rider Swap/HS

I have been trying to look up details about child swap in preparation for our December trip with DD8 and DS2. I saw the change how only 1 person can accompany the 2nd adult which works for us. My question is can you hold more than one rider swap return at a time?

For our HS we were thinking doing SDD (with RS), MMRR, Rockin Roller Coaster (with RS) then Tower of Terror (with RS). All 4 are new to DD8. To take advantage of the low crowds 1st thing it would be great to do each once then have the 2nd adult do their ride after but was having a hard time finding the current rules to see if you had to use your 1st rider swap return before getting the next one.

You can only hold one rider swap at a time. They’ll override your previous one if you try to get another.

Thank you! I figured that was the case but when I looked it up there was very conflicting info.

Yeah, I couldn’t find info before our trip either! Definitely would be easier for planning purposes if you could hold more than one but I understand why they don’t allow it.

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