New resort/ticket/package reservations for 2021

I noticed this morning that you can now click on dates on the calendar to begin the reservation process for 2021. You can even pick a resort and see prices. As of 7:15 central time, you cannot complete the process of adding tickets or checking out yet. The CM I spoke with yesterday told me that new packages for 2021 could be made starting sometime today. The info posted over the weekend states that BY June 28, new packages for 2021 could be made. Last night, there were no options to click on past December 2020. So, progress is being made towards reserving for 2021.

ETA: I just booked our 2021 package and reserved park days. Only resorts available right now are the ones scheduled to open still in 2020. Park hoppers available.

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Thanks for the update. I need to change my July AKL stay to next year, and I refuse to spend hours on the phone to do it. It looks like AKL isn’t even an option for January though, which is a bummer. And prices seem high, but maybe that’s because basically the only thing they’re offering is villas. It’s all just a bummer. Considering staying offsite instead and switching it up.

Thanks 88keys.

I’m clicking in to MDE every so often as I have Poly room reserved for Jan 10 - 16, 2021 which was the result of me calling WDW in April and moving my then stay for May 10, 2020. At that time, they would only “allow” me to make a room reservation in Jan 2021.

So, I need to add tickets to this existing room resv. As you mentioned, it seemed like today (Weds June 24) we were supposed to be able to do this.

still waiting on Galactic Starcruiser to start taking reservations before I do anything for 2021 but at least we are in the right direction


Woohoo! You just saved me hours of listening to a busy signal. Needed to change room res to 2021 (from 2020). Successfully made a new 2021 booking online. Now to cancel this year’s and link tickets. Thanks for posting!!

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They are open! Just made my package purchase and park reservations for 2021!

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Just made our package for Pop for next July. Only the resorts that are scheduled to be opened in 2020 are available at this time for 2021. I was able to book package including tickets, and then I was able to book park days. If more resorts open up for 2021, I may change resorts at that time. Park hoppers were available as well!

Glad to hear 88 and Moose!

I seem to be in limbo, I have a room resv for Jan 2021 but MDE gives me no option to add tickets, not to mention a park resv.

Ugh. No option to buy annual passes yet. I already have my rooms booked for 2021. And as our stay is longer than 10 days, I need APs. I can’t just buy 10 day tickets for now because you can’t upgrade them until you are on site, and that means I would have days I can’t book parks for until we get there. Again, ugh.

So people that already have resort reservations for 2021 still can’t get park tickets.
But people with nothing can get both.

I’m still trying to figure out how to book our next April trip. My daughter and husband have tickets (“use any day by 9/26/21”) but I don’t have a ticket and my AP will expire (not planning to renew). I don’t really want to pay the full price to add a ticket for me today.

I was thinking it might work to book a package with just me, and then call (not today!) and have my husband and daughter added to the room reservation??

Are you DVC? Did you try online or member services? We were previously able to purchase ours over the phone to get the discounted rate, although this was in March right before the closure.

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Both Member Services lines are busy :cry:

“So people that already have resort reservations for 2021 still can’t get park tickets.
But people with nothing can get both.”

That seems to be the case, at least at this moment for me.

I know, I had to wait through both yesterday, but DVC wait was definitely shorter both times I have had to call over the past two days and at least they give an estimated wait time to give an idea, when you are actually able to get through. I’m sorry it is giving you so much trouble still, I hope they can straighten it out.

I managed to get through once, only to have them hang up when I pushed Option 1. Otherwise it’s been busy or the circuit cannot connect.

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Interestingly, when booking a package for April 2020, Park Hoppers are an option.

And I just got an email from DFB saying 2021 WDW vacation packages are now available for booking.

I got through and talked to a CM w/member services. According to her, the DVC date to add tickets for 2021 is 6/28 because staying on points is not able to be turned into a “package” per se. Not to say you shouldn’t call yourself because, you know, none of us get the same answer out of two different people.:blush:

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This makes me very not happy.

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