New pre-trip survey

I’m not sure if Len would find this useful, but I just received a survey today for my upcoming WDW stay at the end of the year.

It’s my first time getting a survey before a scheduled trip and I was/am thankful for the opportunity to let them know EXACTLY how I feel about recent changes.

I did let them know I have an extended stay scheduled and that we are seriously considering cancelling if things keep going the way they have been (G+/LL up at 7 am, park reservations, unfriendly and or incompetent CM’s, mask requirements etc.)

Here are some screenshots from the questions:


You should tag him like this: @len


I think I was trying to see if general consensus would tag him (so I don’t bother him if it’s already been addressed.) But thank you = ) I get in my head too much for my own good.


I agree with your responses 100%. They haven’t sent me one about my upcoming trip in June :frowning: or I’d say the same thing.



I just realized I was a bit repetitive, but at the same time, it’s worth repeating imo.


100% it is. I had this lovely off the cuff trip to Universal, having plenty of time to just enjoy a beer with my mom and have deep conversations without looking at my phone last trip. I barely looked at my phone all day except for our scavenger hunt tasks. My teens were capable of spending some time alone too. Compare that to WDW where they followed me everywhere doing things they probably didn’t want to simply because they didn’t want to learn/deal with G+ and I was on my phone all day from 6:55am on (never able to go back to sleep from the adrenaline of getting something good at the drop) even when we weren’t going to the park till later. It’s a huge difference and Universal wins big time on that score.


Ooooh. This is new, and clearly based on feedback about G+. Thank you!

@Bubblez Would you mind emailing these screencaps to me? Thank you!



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Totally agree with your replies! I feel the same way about Universal Xpress pass being far superior over Genie+/ILL!



Oh you answered those perfectly-
Love the first screen shot.

We were seated at Oga’s ( happy @OBNurseNH :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ) and the 2 other families we shared a booth with said they will not be coming back to disney specifically for the reasons you stated about unable to enjoy their trip with their heads stuck in the phones.


I’m very happy :laughing: