New movie

Movie comes out on Christmas Day. Looks good .


We watched it yesterday (the trailer). Into the Woods is one of my favorite plays. I hope it’s good!! DH is afraid that it will be too dark because “act one is supposed to be whimsical”. He’s into theater :smile: Pretty sure we will be there during vacation week no matter.

The trailer was great!

I saw the original Broadway production, and have watched the video countless times since. It IS my favorite musical of all times. I am really looking forward to this movie, but with a bit of impending dread. Sweeney Todd, also one of my all-time favorites (also by Sondheim) was destroyed during it’s Hollywood treatment. The only hope I have for this is that James Lapine (the original author) wrote the screenplay.

Great news about James Lapine. I hadn’t noticed that. I am also heartened by the fact that it’s the produced by the same producers who did Wicked. Let’s hope they don’t disappoint. I’ll be honest, my bar was set pretty low so I already am happy they kept it a musical :smile:

(No longer a “new movie”, but in case you haven’t watched…. )

Just watched “Into the woods” on Disney+ with my family. Sadly, this is hands down the worst Disney movie I have ever seen. It is not the worst musical because, you know, nothing beats Cats (although I liked the songs in Cats better)

First - this is NOT an appropriate movie for children. The mom is constantly slapping the boy, there are scary scenes (threat to cut someone’s hands), many unnecessary deaths, cheating, no positive message.

The storyline doesn’t make sense, is weak, long and boring. The singing is repetitive and uninspiring. Love the actors, but that’s about it.

DH and DD8 couldn’t finish. When it ended, DD11 goes “wow, what a waste of time!”.

Just thought I would leave a warning. I love nearly all Disney/Pixar movies but this one is seriously disappointing.

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I saw it when it came out but I remember liking it. Lol

Also at 3yo Bambi put me into a trauma and I didn’t talk for 3 weeks which is a really big deal for me as I’m like Six from Blossom. Mom took me to the dr and everything. So is any Disney movie really for kids when the parents always die? Ha ha.


Maybe if I hadn’t watched with the kids I would have liked it more. Lol

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Interesting that you have this opinion as the original stage musical (which I saw on Broadway) won Tony awards for best book and best score - and this up against Phantom of the Opera…But if you were expecting a standard princess movie with upbeat singalong songs, I can see why you didn’t like it. I consider it one of the most brilliant musicals ever written and was generally pleased with how the film captured the spirit of the original (even if a couple of songs were cut and a completely unneeded one was added).

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Well, I saw the 2014 movie (not the Broadway show). The movie got 49% positive reviews, so yeah some people liked it!

I liked it as well. I can see it is not for everyone. It also does not Disney-fi the Grimm tales as much as most of the cartoons from Disney. I wish I was able to see it on Broadway. It looks like it would have been fantastic on the stage.

Your warning is valid and a good one for everyone here. Pre-screen it and decide if it is appropriate for your family.

Into the woods, it’s time to go
I hate to leave, I have to, though
Into the woods, it’s time, and so
I must begin my journey
Into the woods, and through the trees
To where I am expected ma’am
Into the woods to Grandmother’s house
Into the woods to Grandmother’s house


DS and I really enjoyed it!

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Holy Cow! A thread from seven years ago entitled “NEW” !

The ultimate Zombie Thread!


DS13 really liked it, but he’s a theater kid so he likes the music and it’s a show he’d like to do some day. It is pretty dark though, which was a bummer and it did drag on a bit. Not exactly a happy ending, which I’m sure younger kids wouldn’t enjoy. @bswan26 Which song did they add to the movie?

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I was so confused - I was like wait, we’re remaking this again?!


Into the Woods was never meant for children. The stage show was brilliant, and while the movie was fine, I still prefer it on stage. We actually have a DVD of the original (?) cast performing it on stage. I enjoy that one more than the movie…but both are good.

Not everything that is made for the stage translates well to the big screen.

And there are those musicals that don’t translate well to stage or screen (ahem…Cats). :grin:


You are correct about that. Our niece was in a middle school (ages 11-14) performance a couple years ago and we were quite surprised. They had scenes with the two characters kissing (in middle school???) and where they went behind a rock for “relations”.

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Well…wow. I can’t fathom why a Middle School would choose/allow Into the Woods. High School, I could see. But Middle School? Uh. No.

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Our thoughts exactly…

Me too! I was like didn’t they already do this!

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