New HS FP+ tiers

Are the upcoming new tiers at Hollywood Studios something that has been confirmed through Disney or is this still a rumor at this point? I couldn’t find any official press release regarding the change anywhere online. Thank you!

There was a report on the touring plans chat yesterday. It was confirmed. Star Tours and Fantasmic were also Tier 2.

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You can also find a news item about it here:


Thank you! I had seen articles from blogs but am still learning which sites are credible vs rumor.


Star Tours is likely to become a very challenging FP to obtain. Fortunately for me, I will be trying to use my Tier 1 for A2S (or is it AS2) since my DD4 is afraid to try roller coasters and my Tier 2 for Frozen Sing Along and Muppets. I suspect those will all be pretty easy to get at 60+3.

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Yes. Ironically, the change in tiers may make it more difficult to obtain the Tier 2 Star Tours than it is to obtain a Tier 1 SDD!


Well that one has a reputation for posting dubious rumours (like The Land and Seas being demolished). Or just taking them from elsewhere.

However the news came from people who were booking FPs for when Galaxy’s Edge opens (they had paid for the extra Club Level FPs). The tiers were showing up differently in MDE.

Still loathing this with the heat of a bajillion million suns.

My strategy would be to pick the 2 shortest shows.

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There’s still TSMM

I asked DD4 for the 3 things she most wanted to do on our next trip to Disney World. She said:

(1) Eat at Chef Mickey’s
(2) Eat at Cinderella’s Castle
(3) Ride Alien Swirling Saucers.

She loved the first 2 last trip, but I have no idea how she decided on Alien Swirling Saucers because we have never been to DHS with her.

We will try to ride TSMM standby if we can.


On the screen shots, Star Tours wasn’t listed at all. Leading to speculation that might move to be no FP like Smuggler’s Run.

Not sure if that has changed.

I asked someone that booked yesterday. ST and F! (both shown on those early screen shots as not available) are Tier 2 and were available.

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The change to the new tiers is reportedly not starting until August 29, so it is too early to tell.

Yesterday people with trips to that point could? Last week I book for a friend to the 25th.

Star Tours has been Tier 2 for a while. The question is, when you did the booking, were ToT and RnRC listed as Tier 2 or Tier 1?

Everything else was Tier 1.

As @Nickysyme noted, the screen shots shared showed no FP option for ST as of the 29th. A liner booked FPs for the 29th yesterday. Everything was Tier 1 and ST and F! was available as Tier 2.

Does she watch shows on Disney Jr.? DD8 is so excited to do the Indiana Jones Stunt show because she has “always wanted to do that.” I have known idea how she even knows about it, but suspect Disney Jr.

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Mathematically, this isn’t working out for me. Do they have Club level or something? The 29th is 64 days out still.

ETA: Oh, wait. I get it. 60 + length of stay. :wink:

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Yes, they did not know about the tiers before they tried to book. It was a tough thing to learn on FP day!

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Yikes! Has anybody booked any club level rooms for these days lately? I’m thinking we’re really lucky to have gone when we did, I don’t think they’ll be discounting them anymore.

I wonder if the best thing would be to book two club level days, get 3 days of CLFP. On the first day, ride the regular rides and wait in line for Smuggler’s Run. On the second day, ride the remaining rides and wait in line for Rise of the Resistance, and then escape to a regular room & the other parks after that.

The third day you could RD MK then park hop to EPCOT or AK to use the last three tier-busting CLFP, since those parks are also tiered.

Otherwise, going to DHS is going to be a nightmare. Which is too bad, because we really liked TSL. I’m sure we’ll love SW:GE, but I don’t think we’ll go again until the hubbub dies down a little, if it ever does.

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