New Hagrid roller coaster has 600 minute wait?

Hi everyone!
Hope you all are well!
I am travelling to orlando next week and plan on doing 2 days of universal parks at the start of my trip.

i’m a huge fan of harry potter and really want to go on the new ride. I checked today at 9am and it said it had a 600 minute wait!
It doesn’t look like there is any unlimited express pass on this ride but they do offer single ride options.

What time realistically do you think i need to be at the park on Monday morning to make sure i don’t spend the whole day queuing for this ride.

Many thanks All!


There was a suggestion that there would be a virtual queue and you’d be able to book a slot on the app after entering the park. I just checked UOR chat to see if anyone is there who can update but it doesn’t look like it. I expect we will have more info over the weekend though.

For what it’s worth, the Lines app currently have it with 100 min posted wait, but closed.

I really hope my VIP tour includes it . . .

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Showing 480 minutes currently:

There’s a report on chat that people were lining up on the walking path from the resorts at 1am!!!

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And apparently the virtual queue system will begin tomorrow, so you’ll get a return time to go back to the ride, though there will still be a wait.

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I wonder if the rest of the park will be similar to Disneyland on SWGE opening (empty).

Today I wouldn’t be surprised.

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Remember this first weekend is going to be full of hardcore fans who want to “be cool” and say they rode it first / FOMO.

IMHO - Yeah… HMCMA will busy next week, but not 6+ hours busy, especially with virtual queue. I wouldn’t be surprised if you had to wait 2 + hours for this ride.

Who gets into a line that is 8 hours long!?
For that matter, 6 hours?
Or 4?
Or even 2?
I’m not paying $130 per person to stand in line for a single 90 second ride then go home!

Similar thing happened when Steel Vengeance opened at Cedar Point last year. Lines were 5+ hours long.

When we went this year, the line was advertised at 2 hours, but we only waited 90 minutes.

People just LOVE to ride the new rides, apparently. Huh. Imagine that.

Let’s be fair. It is 3 minutes long, not 90 seconds. I’m sure that TOTALLY changes your mind. :wink:


I’m perfectly fine waiting 2 hours for certain rides…like Millennium Force or Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point.


That totally baffles me! The park didn’t open until 9. Unless they were sleeping in line, why not get some sleep and then wait your eight hours in the queue? Either way, it’s a long wait, but I would rather do it after some sleep!

Admittedly, I might wait 4. But I am a major fan. As long as I had food and access to a bathroom, I would be good!

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I suppose just to say they were first in line?

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Yes, yes. That, of course, always looks good on a resume. :wink:


Yeah. I was taking a guess because I couldn’t find a time published. But no. Still a hard pass for me if it’s over 90 minute wait! Although, they have the virtual queue, so I would do that and then go do other stuff for the 10 hours in between.

Once you go back, I would still expect the queue to be over 90 mins. It’s just to stop the line snaking all over the park.

This is Harry Potter. You should say, “…stop the line from Slitherin’ all over…”