New DVC Magic Bands are available online

Not sure if any DVC members here are into the member magic bands but as of this morning they are available online. One of them is a limited edition of 5000 only. Just giving everyone a heads up in case anyone else is into that sort of thing. I picked two up this morning, one for me and one for my DW.

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off to looksie

Good luck! The limited edition ones are already listed on eBay for $180…

The link I found said they are not yet sold out. Crazy.

I don’t care for either of them enough to take the plunge tho

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I’m not crazy in love with either of them. We are however new DVC “members” but we bought resale. I figured I would buy the teal magic band for me because it clearly says “DVC Member” in big letters on it. Maybe it will get me some perks from some overly friendly CM’s, but probably not. Either way I’m an excited new DVC member :smiley:


Thanks for posting! I am not sure I like them.

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Also new. Also resale. Also very excited. First DVC stay in 17 days!


hi5 travel buddy! we leave in 19 days for BLT

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We will probably be canceling some really good ADR’s in the next week or so. Stuff we have just decided to get rid of. I can’t remember everything but we have an 8:00am Akershus for 4 on 9/5 if you need that by any chance. And one Royal Table for 4 on 9/4(I THINK) but it is like a 4:00pm res.

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We are flying out of MHT this time because of the kids’ school schedule. We arrive evening of 8/30 and depart night of 9/3

Thanks for the offer. We are just there for the long weekend and have dining all set up. Friday lunch at Homecoming, Saturday dinner at La Hac during Illuminations, Sunday dinner at Brown Derby, and Monday lunch at Sanaa before we leave that evening.

ETA we are at OKW which was the only resort that met our full stay by the time we could book and which also happens to be our home resort. Excited to check it out!


The second one (Dooney and Bourke)…isn’t that the same one that @profmatt bought on his trip?

ETA: Nope. It isn’t the same one. Sorry. False alarm. Nothing to see here. You may go about your business.

:sob: :sob:

I want one of these. But they can’t ship to the U.K., so I’m SOL as they say.


I kinda like the white band, though unless either activates something on the tapstyle, I feel these are a bit of a waste of money.

Heh if you’re in BLT and see some doofus wheeling around his mom with a completely lost look on his face as he tries to find his room… be sure to say hi! :slight_smile:

(not a DVC member… just living variously through renting points. Maybe one day…).


I’ve never really been into spending money on Magic Bands but I must admit I have caught the bug here in the last few weeks. I was doing a little reading last night and it sounds like some of the magic bands, but not all, do special things. All of the “Limited Edition”(the white one in the picture above is limited edition) magic bands, according to my reading, do something special at all of the tap styles(entrance of the park and FPP tap styles). By do something special, I mean different colored lights in different sequences with different sounds. DVC Magic Band says “Welcome Home” and one of the MNSSHP LE Magic Bands has the headless horseman galloping by and lights that go along with it for example.

Fellow doofus here! If you see a tall bearded guy being slowly worn down by two DD’s and wearing that teal DVC magic band, thats likely me!

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Oh I totally get it. Having an AP will do that too. I’m actually bummed that there ISN’T a dedicated AP band…I’d so buy it for no other reason than it’s there.

And yup, the Limited Editions definitely do some cool things, which is why I want these to do something, even if it’s just simply Mickey going “Thank you for your soul!! ha ha!”. Some are cooler than others. I think my favorite would probably be one of the star wars ones where it makes the tapstyle ignite like a lightsaber.

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Oh these DO do something? Then that’s totally a buy buy BUY!!!

Not a dedicated band that I can find but there are sliders that say “Annual Pass”.

Yep! My wife is totally going to kill me once she sees that I bought LE magic bands for everyone in our party bc I want to see the cool effects at the tap styles.

I looked for this one on eBay and it is several hundred dollars. A little out of my price range. Limited Edition of about 350 I think. A red saber and a green saber Magic Band, if I am thinking of the same one you are.

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There is an app for my phone that will make this sound…for free.

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That made me laugh way too hard!!! I was literally confirming the price on eBay as I read your comment. You can buy the pair for $499.95 OBO on eBay…

$499 can practically buy an entire vacation! :wink: