New Disney Survey with Some Unique Options for Future Benefits for staying on-site?

This is an article posted on the Blog side of about the latest Disney survey asking about the future on-site stay benefits.

Asks about the old stand by benefits along with several possible new ideas.

What do you think? It’s gonna be a whole new world coming in the future.


They mention FastPass access. That’s a good sign.

All of the benes seem to be largely things that were in place before the pandemic.

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Woah, basically resort Doordash? I’m 100% in on that one.


The new or expanded items include

  • Virtual Queue access from your resort - trying this now with RorR

  • Resort nighttime shows with special effects Disney description of it Transforming resort lobbies into a magical display that brings the individual resort’s story to life through lights, color, music, and projections.

  • In-resort characters and interactive nighttime story experiences

  • Extra magic hours at Disney Springs World of Disney

  • Virtual concierge

  • Food delivery to your room from any park or resort dining location

  • Exclusive extended hours at one of the theme parks per day (morning or evening)

  • Extended exclusive access to finish out your day at one theme park every night

  • 30 minutes exclusive entry into every theme park every day

  • Early access to one theme park every morning


I suspect that Len will have analysis on the next Disney Dish.


This would be interesting to me. I am uninterested in the extra hour the way it was since that tends to make that park more crowded. I am uninterested in the Disney transportation unless we decide to stay at a MK park. Only think I found appealing in the old way was the 60 day fast pass++.

But, a half hour to get settled in to our park every day? Heck yeah!


Ok this one makes me laugh. But I’m not a shopper, so …

This sounds awesome. I would totally resort hop or split stay for this.

I do think they need to return to something like this eventually to make it worth it.


Kinda sounds like relieving evening crowds at parks.
When traveling with littles, the magical resort lobbies could be awesome.




None of these really hold an interest to me. We spend most of our times at parks. With limited spending as tourism picks back up I would hate them divert funds from entertainment experiences in the parks for any kind of lobby experience.

All good!

So, this suggests that off-site guests will basically lose any opportunity to access such rides? Or in the very least, would be the last ones who would get access if they don’t fill the virtual queue before park opening? Seems like an odd one to tie to on-site stay.

While this may be a cool thing, I don’t think it would sway my decision to stay off site or on. At all. It just makes staying on site a bit more “magical”…but it certainly wouldn’t replace the fact that I could have a huge house with private pool, etc., off site for much cheaper.

Having said that, I could see this being a draw for many folks.

I suppose if you are into characters, this might be nice, and had young kids. But it wouldn’t be enough, still, to draw me to stay on site versus off.

This could be a nice benefit of staying on site, but not enough to sway me. Getting into World of Disney is generally not a problem.

I’ve never used a REAL concierge, so I don’t know what a virtual one would be.

For us, not a selling point at all. Overpriced food without the ambiance of being in the park or resort dining? Again staying off site, I can go wherever I want, or have Door Dash bring me food much more cheaply. Or, most likely, just cook it myself.

So…Extra Magic Hours. Sure. Makes sense. I would be shocked if they didn’t bring this back for on-site guests.

These are basically just a modified Extra Magic Hours (shortened?)…although the 30 minutes exclusive entry is an intriguing one because it applies to EVERY park. Which means being on site can ALWAYS mean you get ahead of the off-site crowd. It also spreads the on-site guests across all four parks for early entry, unlike Extra Magic Hours, so in that regard I think it might actually be a better benefit than EMH.


All of these are great and I’m interested what they implement. Resort Guests should be able to have more perks!!


It seems like Disney has a plan or is at least in the planning stages to ramp back up when restrictions are lifted. They are going to try to make it at more appealing to be at a Disney resort. The one that is most appealing to me we would be the 30 minutes early at every park every day.


Agree! Would love to see all of this! They need to make those prices worth it!

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I wonder if the plan is one OR the other with the survey trying to find out which is more popular.

How long is early access to one theme park?
And what would be open.

30 minutes sounds like one or two headliners. Essentially a fast pass. Depending on what’s open.

Are there any options in this list that might replace fast pass?

@ryan1, just rent a house close enough to snag the BGs. :grin:

I would love an expanded Virtual Queue for resort guests, any four rides in the day. If I’m in MK, whatever the current wait is for Big Thunder, I get in a virtual queue for that length of time, but can go do other things.

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Bring back E-Ride Night

This is exactly what I thought! Why would I pay for over priced Disney food? I would rather spend less/ get better food from an area resturant delivered!

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So I was discussing this with the 16 year old who lives here. Absolutely #1 is the resort lobby night time show. Already staying on property is important because of the transportation to the park - most important ride at WDW is the bus, according to this teen. These two are the main interest. Getting in early is kinda cool.

Parenthetically, does it sound as tho park transportation might not be complimentary to guests staying off property? How would that work? And free park parking? Could we wind up paying for parking at the resort and at the park?

That lounge in the parks sounds awesome to me. There have been trips were cooling down, warming up or even drying off quickly would have been welcome.

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