New design for "restaurants" page

There is an option in the menu along the top to make it Fit Width. That should make it render better/more realistically.

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I didn’t think the menu options actually did anything? :joy: Since none of the links did I just assumed the menu options didn’t either.

I love this idea and we’re going to try it. The caption probably won’t include the price (because … Disney). And we’ll try to identify the couple of best things on the menu, and what to avoid.

Thank you!


I’m going to create a “Second Mortgage” category now, just for V&A. This made my day.


Great point. We’re going to have the same situation with Takumi-Tei, where the reader rating is going to be “Do Not Visit” and I say it’s one of the best dining experiences you can have in a theme park.


All: This is great feedback. Thank you. I really appreciate the time y’all are taking here.


Updated restaurant page design incorporating suggestions above.


Will there be special Information for character meals? Like which characters, in what outfits, usually appear. I thought some of the appeal of Be Our Guest is that it’s the only place to meet Beast.

This is absolutely perfect.

  • The “what to order”, “what not to order”, “entree size”, etc. are all very valuable and insightful. Exactly the kind of at-a-glance information I’d want to see.
  • The new rating widget is just right–the combination of guest rating and overall rating reminds me of review aggregators such as Rotten Tomatoes.

I’m impressed, great layout & design