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Hello, long time lurker sort of first time poster. My family just moved to Florida from Arizona! I am a DL expert but have only been to WDW once over Christmas 2016! TP and great advice here made it a trip to remember. Now as soon as we get our ID’s switched we are going to be AP’s!! I’m so excited!! I would love to hear some tips, especially from more locals as my touring will be much different now only being about 45 minutes away we will no longer need a hotel.

We are going to the party this Friday night as well to tide us over until we get those AP’s :wink:


Really jealous and happy for you!

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Congrats!! We can all come and stay, right??

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Friday the 13th MNSSHP? I will be there as well.

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We will be there Friday too!

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As soon as we buy a house! Living in a tiny rental temporarily right now. :slight_smile:

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YES Friday the 13th, extra spooky that way :wink: are you all dressing up? We are in temp housing and haven’t unpacked anything or even planned to go to a party this year. But I just can’t wait and a party ticket was cheaper than a 1 day so thought it would give us a fix until we get those AP’s!

Not really into getting into costume, but love to see what other people are wearing

My AP tip is to always ask if there is an AP discount; food, stores, hotels, everywhere. It can’t hurt to ask.

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Purchase snacks, candy, treats and bottles of soda and water from the refrigerated cases at gift shops instead of from the carts and concession stands. Your 20% AP discount only is good at the gift shops.

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That’s right! I remember you saying your trip is coming up! You must be leaving in the next few days. I hope you’ll be doing another live trip report, and if you do, I’ll be ready to follow along!

Yup, I leave Friday. I am going with my nephew this time so not sure if I will be doing a live trip report. I do have a couple extra days after he leaves so we shall see. This is trip is mostly about SWGE.


After you get your AP, buy Tables in Wonderland. 20% off food and beverages (including alcohol) at many locations, mostly table service but also a handful of great quick service places. It costs $150 for 13 months.

This is a great one! Thank you

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I have read a bit about Tables in Wonderland but not much. I will defiantly look into it! Thanks

Mathematically speaking, that means you need to expect to spend at least $1500 on TS meals/alcohol in that time period for it to be cost-effective. That’s because the 20% savings is only 10% above what you’d save with the AP anyhow.


I know this has been disected a few times on other threads. I try not to look at it as an additional savings over the AP discount. Rather just 20% on it’s own because it is a more comprehensive discount plan.
I can tell you that on a 4 day trip once, with 5 people, the card paid for itself before the end of the trip.
I would say that you only need to spend $750 (at 20% standard tip) to have the card pay for itself. After that, it’s bonafide savings.
We have spent between 25-30 days each year for the last 3 years at Disney so this card is more than worth it for us.
If you only go every so often, it’s not going to make sense to get it.

But it isn’t. With the AP you save 10%. With TiW it is 20%. That means it is only an additional 10% savings. Which means you must spend $1500 to make it pay for itself. Not sure how else you can look at it.

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I think the numbers are only that straightforward if nobody in your party drinks alcohol. If I’m not mistaken, AP 10% does not include alcohol and 20% TiW does. There’s also the free valet parking.

Ah. True. Alcohol is never a player for us so it is out of sight out of mind!

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